Securus Technologies Working with Law Enforcement to Fight Crime

When my team of officers gets the word a dangerous fugitive is in town, it becomes priority one that we step up and take this suspect down. I am part of a fugitive task hunting crew that work tirelessly to make the streets of this city safe, and this month was no exception. We got the call that a violent fugitive just held an elderly couple at knife-point while he robbed their house. We immediately began to try and collect some leads by hitting the streets and talking with informants.

When you are dealing with a suspect who has no family or friends, things can escalate quickly because they have nothing to lose. One informant did tell us that the suspect did have a partner, and this partner may be locked up in the local prison and may be able to shed some light on where this fugitive was hiding. We immediately gathered a team to head to the local jail. When we found the friend, he was unwilling to talk and simply wanted to do the remaining month on his sentence and be left alone.

Luckily for us, Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in that jail the officers use to listen to inmates on the phone, This friend got right on the phone and called a relative to warn them we were in the jail. He wanted the message to get to his partner to lay low. We now had our lead and put a team to watch this relative to see if he contacted the fugitive. Securus Technologies is a vital tool law enforcement uses to prevent crimes inside and out of the jail. Within a few days, we found the relative meeting with the fugitive, and we were able to take him down and into custody without any issues.