Securus Technologies Looks Out for those the World Forgot

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the new era of business will be that of the social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship specialize in creating products that deal with a felt need in the world. They make their money by creating products that touch people where they hurt. One company that has perfected this mindset is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1989, and their goal is to make our correctional facilities safer places to be. They have their headquarters stationed there in Dallas, Texas and two more regional offices in Atlanta Georgie and Carrollton, Texas.


Securus Technologies makes out correctional facilities safer by focusing on the leading cause of inmate death, inmate on inmate crime. Securus Technologies has provided many products over the years, but recently they have changed to meet the new landscape before us. The main tool used now to plan inmate on inmate crime are contraband phones in the correctional facility.


Contraband phones are used to text other inmates so that they can coordinate their attack. If Securus can shut down the use of phones, then the prisons will automatically become a safe place. Securus Technologies does this through three products.


The first product is called “Cell Defender, ” and it allows one to pinpoint the exact location of a contraband cell phone when it is being used. This is crucial because contraband phones are often stashed in the correctional facilities.


The second product helps Securus trace the phone calls and also to download all verbal communication and text messages.


The last product is their Wireless Containment Solutions. Securus Technologies knows that you do not need a plan to access the internet and that many inmates plan their attacks by using Facebook messenger. This great product allows them to negate a phone’s inherent ability to connect to Wi-Fi.