Perry Mandera Talks About The Technologies His Company Uses

Perry Mandera published an article about three technologies that his company, The Custom Company, uses to serve clients. The first technology he discussed was Cheetah Dispatch. He said this software allows his company to access various types of information, such as proof of delivery documents, automatic pickup times and more.


The other technology Perry Mandera discussed was WMS, short for Warehouse Management System (Bloomberg). WMS uses this software to let customers track inventory, which means they can see when their products are received by Perry Mandera’s company right up to the point they are delivered.


DMS, short for Dock Management System, is the third technology used. Instead of relying on paper, the system relies on barcodes. What this technology allows the company to do is move freight quickly.


More About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the owner of The Custom Company, which is a transportation company. He founded the company in 1986 and it is based in Illinois. He launched his first transportation company at 23-years-old, but he sold it five years later. A year after selling his company, he started The Custom Company. Mandera is known for his strong work ethic. Ever since The Custom Company was started, he has been involved in the daily operations of it. As of now, more than 300 people are employed at the company.


Furthermore, Mandera is philanthropic ( He supports a number of charities, including the Special Olympics, Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation and AIDS research. Following Hurricane Katrina, the businessman sent dozens of truckloads of supplies, food, and water to those affected. Not only that, but he has supported a number of Olympic boxers and he has coached youth sporting teams.


Mandera is not afraid of hard work and he is expected to continue to lead The Custom Company down the path of success.