Is Dallas, Texas, The New Brazilian Butt Lift Capital?

The city of Dallas, Texas, is one of America’s top metropolitan areas. It has fine dining, recreation, a thriving nightlife as well as sporting events. On the other hand, Dallas has a thriving medical community and one of the most sought-after procedures in the 21st century is the butt lift. For those who feel like they could use a bit more “junk in the trunk,” this treatment is for you. As of today, medical facilities are providing numerous financing opportunities to ease the financial-strain. There are some things that you need to consider before ever embarking on this journey. First of all, individuals will need to be in good health standings. There isn’t a doctor in the world who will run the risk of doing a butt lift if the patient is ill or in a physically-weak state.


Due diligence is the key to success. The first thing you should do is to go on a scouting-mission to find the best surgeon that meets your specific needs. Unfortunately, all surgeons aren’t the same and many of them use specific techniques. This scouting-mission should feel like a job interview in a sense and make sure to ask plenty of questions. This includes the questions of “how many butt lifts have you performed” or “how long have you been in the business?” This will give you a better understanding of what to expect from each surgeon. Since this has nothing to do with butt-implants, your preferred surgeon will choose between a traditional treatment or a Brazilian treatment.


Patients are required to stay hydrated in the days that are before the surgery. Disclose any medications that you are currently taking and make plans to have someone bring you home after the surgery. Once you’ve gotten yourself together, you can now have the treatment.


The Man, The Surgeon, and The Blogger

Can you imagine being a plastic surgeon AND a blogger? Dr. Sameer Jejurikar seems to balance work life and leisure, seamlessly. Going by Dr. J, for short. He is a board certified plastic surgeon who practices out of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He achieved his under graduate degree from The University of Michigan. He is also affiliated with eight other hospitals in the Dallas area. Dr. J specializes in a large variety of plastic surgeries; some surgeries include face lifts, breast augmentation or reduction, tummy tucks, and even Botox. You can find an extended gallery of his plastic surgery work on his main website, “”. Interested clients can also find the address of his institute, phone number, and see a photo gallery of past patients on his website. Clients can also schedule appointments through his main website. Among other things on his website is a list of several publications, current memberships, and a direct link to his blog. His blog includes topics such as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) safety, breast augmentation myths, skin protection, and scar minimization. Though, he doesn’t seem to blog much these days; you can still find factual posts on his blog. I mean, who would find time to blog when you are participating in medical missions? Yes, you heard that right, medical missions. In his free time, Dr. J goes on an annual trip to Bangladesh to help children in poverty. When he isn’t doing surgery and satisfying patient needs in Dallas, he is helping children in poverty stricken countries.

Q&A with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Plastic Surgeon at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute


Freedom Life Insurance Offers You the Freedom to Choose a Plan That’s Right for You.

Why is it so difficult to buy Life Insurance?

In reality, buying life insurance isn’t difficult. When the average person thinks about life insurance they get the jitters. After all, isn’t life insurance for after death? The answer is yes. None the less, it is also about life. After all, it will be those you leave behind that get the benefit. The staff at Freedom Life Insurance Company are great at clearing up any questions a buyer may have. Qualified people can really make a difference when you are trying to learn about life insurance, but also need to save money.

Having life insurance is a safety net for your family after you have passed away. It is money that can be used towards funeral costs, college tuition for your children or just to keep the house they live in. Speaking with a life insurance representative can help you determine how much insurance you should buy. Follow freedom life insurance on facebook.

Term or Whole Life?

The two main types of life insurance most individuals opt for are either Term life or Whole life. Each has its merits.

Typically, term life is less costly than Whole life but it needs to be renewed every so often. Length of contact may vary, but the average between increase in payments could be up to ten years. Term life is often bought to save money or for a short period of time, for example while your family is young.

Whole life, sometimes referred to as Permanent life insurance according to Freedom Life Insurance, is costlier but as its name claims it is permanent or for the duration of your whole life. Freedom Life Insurance states that Permanent life is more expensive but can be tapped into later as funds build and cash can be used for personal use or even to pay against premiums should you become unable to make them otherwise.

Consulting a good insurance company such as Freedom Life Insurance company is beneficial to understanding the not so complex world of life insurance, but to helping you decide which life insurance is best for you and your family.

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Enjoy The Newest Products From Jeunesse Global

What Is Jeunesse Global?

An anti-aging company created in 2009 by two former retirees, this brand has become a worldwide sensation. People from all walks of life are praising the various products put out by Jeunesse Global as things that have helped them reclaim their life. The company has now expanded to markets on six continents and passed $1 billion in total annual sales for the first time in 2015.


One product out on the market from Jeunesse Global is something called “Reserve“. It is a delicious dietary supplement that people take to help combat radical damage. It is loaded up with superfruits that have those oh so special antioxidants in them. They come in an easy to carry around pouch that you can take whenever you feel the need to do so.

Instantly Ageless

Wrinkles and skin discoloration are a common aspect of the aging process for a lot of people. Those who do experience this may be embarrassed by it. It is entirely possible to avoid that embarrassment in as little as two minutes. Just apply some instantly ageless to your face, and you can have those wrinkles and discolored areas of skin concealed for between six to nine hours. That is long enough for you to do whatever it is that you need to do. Visit their profile on Instagram.


If you have been on the lookout for an energy drink that can supply you energy without some of the negative ingredients that are sometimes associated with these beverages, why not consider drinking Nevo? This is the energy drink put out by Jeunesse Global for those who need an energy boost but do not want all of the calories or artificial ingredients. Nevo has just 50 calories per serving and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. If that sounds like a healthier option to you, you should order your energy drinks from Jeunesse Global.


The bottom line is that all of the products that this company puts out are specifically designed to help those who have been looking for solutions to the problems associated with aging. They have already built up a huge base of customers who believe in and rely on their products. Why not join those customers as well? Follow Jeunesse Global on

Anthony Petrello: A Giving Man

This article will give information regarding Tony Petrello. Recently, Petrello has been given great amounts of money. For example, he recently donated to research initiative $5 million. He also plans to give two million more in the future. But, that’s not all he’s planning on doing, he also has a commitment to lead fundraising efforts for the same cause as before.

This donating mood was inspired by his young eight-year-old daughter Carena. She has a condition with her brain which makes it more challenging to learn the things kids learn in their young ages. When she was born she weighed 20 ounces and was born sixteen weeks before the given due date. She was diagnosed from the doctors with periventricular leukomalacia. It is a disease given in babies born early, it’s caused when the brain isn’t receiving enough blood flow. This results in a low amount of oxygen that caused her to get cerebral palsy and to experience delays in her development.

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Tony had studied the issue for many months. His conclusion regarding the issue was that the kids with the disorder required transatlantic research. It wasn’t done on the scale Tony thought it needed to be. The brain research being done on children was not included. Tony was really all in with finding out to determine how the neurological disorders form in children. With that in mind he gave $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Nabors works for Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR), the operator and owner of the largest land-based drilling rig fleet. He also leads in providing drilling rigs offshore in different international markets and the United States. He has a top skilled workforce which continues to set modern standards for operational excellence and changes our industries too.

Tony is the chief executive, president, and chairman of Nabors Industries. He is in the oil business, as an oil-field service company and contract driller. Over the years he has received a great determination for acquisitions. Also, ever since he became CEO the share price of neighbors has been close to 180%.

Check for more details about Anthony Petrello.

Adam Milstein Knows How to Support His Jewish Community As Well as Being a Successful Business Man

Real estate investor, philanthropist, community leader, and member of the Jewish community, Adam Milstein and wife, Gila work hard to bring awareness to the Jewish community. They believe it is their duty to raise awareness to the people in the community and to ensure that others know about their heritage. Through the Milstein Family Foundation, they work to make sure that others in the area and other programs have the financial backing they need in order to provide the right resources and support to those in the Jewish religion.

Adam is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council as well as the National Chairman. He sits on the board where he fills the chair for their national expansion. This is not the only board that he sits on. He sits on the board of StandWithUs, the Jewish Funders Network and even the AISH of Los Angeles.

Adam Milstein and wife Gila are also a co-founder for the organization which supplies free books monthly to others in Hebrew. The hope is to teach the values of the Jewish community to over 15,000 Jewish families from Israel in the United States.

When asked about how his normal day is from day to day, Adam Milstein tells it just the way it is. That when you have a business, you don’t ever really know what to expect each day. As you supply more structure to the business, you begin to have a more routine from each day as the business begins to grow. In order to make his work more fulfilling, he opted to begin in philanthropy.

When he is asked about bringing his ideas to reality, Adam Milstein believes that if others cannot do it, then you should try to make it happen yourself. He also makes sure that he follows up on things from day to day. Staying on top of things is a good way to ensure that you don’t let anything get missed.

Adam says that the one thing you can do to be a more productive entrepreneur is to make sure that you persist as well as being consist and ensuring you follow up is another key essential part of being successful in business.


Have Some Humanity, Give DACA a Fighting Chance

DACA has been buzzing with some terrible news; the whole program is at stake. Some members of the GOP have urgently requested that this program is forced to stop. Their arguments against this program will end any light of a real life for these undocumented individuals. DACA which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival specializes in providing a plethora of opportunities for people, that prohibits them from being deported. Also, the program provides employment prospects, education, and a driver’s license as well.

The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton requested from the Trump administration to repeal DACA program by September 5. Executing this program will not be done so quickly, it will slowly die down through the months, making it irrevocable for future individuals to apply towards the program. Honestly, establishing the DACA program has been beneficial for the country; a majority of the recipients have provided funds to universities while showing an enhancement in their income. The program has proven to be effective and efficient, not just for the patrons but the economy as well.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists, who co-founded the Frontera Fund which has been initiated to defend and fund people who express the First Amendment and who struggles with political, personal, and immigrant civil liberties in the state of Arizona. Advocates for the DACA program, there are persistent in making sure that their voices are heard. DACA was created for the youth who enter this country as a child, for it protects them from being deported. The Obama Administration established this in 2012, now five years later the Trump administration was it completely eradicated by March of 2018. This has caused controversy and is in dire need of being resolved. The great thing is that the DACA program with the help of the Frontera Fund will not go down without a fight.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Lacey and Larkin Frontier Fund. Retrieved from,

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

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USHealth Group: Reliable Insurance Provider

USHealth Group is an American health insurance provider, and they are one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, serving more than 15 million customers who have purchased insurance worth billions of dollars that can be used for the next 50 years. The USHealth Group is proud of their innovative health insurance plans targeted for all people regardless of age or economic status.

The USHealth Group has many partner companies which are working together to provide the best service to their customers. They offer a number of plans suitable for everyone, and they are giving their customers the freedom to customize their chosen insurancr plan. The USHealth Group has been in the business for more than 50 years, and they know how to take care of their customers. The USHealth Group is proud to claim that some of their loyal customers are still around, being with them since the day that the company was established. The insurance plans that the USHealth Group offers varies depending on their customer’s needs and budget. These plans are flexible, and their customers can change their plans anytime – like adding additional protection or removing some that they do not really need.

The USHealth Group is licensed to provide insurance coverages to the American people, and they are considered as one of the most trusted and one of the most reliable companies in the industry. They are also employing a number of professionals who work with their customers be it over the phone or through personal conversation. They are offering the basic insurance coverages available at the USHealth Group, although some customers are changing it a little bit based on their preference. These products are accident and sickness insurance, critical illness insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and so much more.

Troy McQuagge, the current chief executive officer of the USHealth Group, is proud to say that the his company managed to help a lot of people who were involved in several accidents and who contacted severe diseases. These people testified how reliable the insurance policy from the USHealth Group is, and they are saying that it managed to cover all od the expenses that theh incurred during the treatment.

These people who experienced the care from the USHealth Group are the ones responsible for the continuous growth of the company. Because of their positive reviews about the USHealth Group, many people are becoming curious and the begin checking out what the company offers. The excellent customer service that the USHealth Group provides is also a testament to their will of helping those who needs assistance. Because of these positive characterisitics that the company has, many people now prefer buying their insurance coverage from the USHealth Group.

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Securus Technologies Looks Out for those the World Forgot

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the new era of business will be that of the social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship specialize in creating products that deal with a felt need in the world. They make their money by creating products that touch people where they hurt. One company that has perfected this mindset is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1989, and their goal is to make our correctional facilities safer places to be. They have their headquarters stationed there in Dallas, Texas and two more regional offices in Atlanta Georgie and Carrollton, Texas.


Securus Technologies makes out correctional facilities safer by focusing on the leading cause of inmate death, inmate on inmate crime. Securus Technologies has provided many products over the years, but recently they have changed to meet the new landscape before us. The main tool used now to plan inmate on inmate crime are contraband phones in the correctional facility.


Contraband phones are used to text other inmates so that they can coordinate their attack. If Securus can shut down the use of phones, then the prisons will automatically become a safe place. Securus Technologies does this through three products.


The first product is called “Cell Defender, ” and it allows one to pinpoint the exact location of a contraband cell phone when it is being used. This is crucial because contraband phones are often stashed in the correctional facilities.


The second product helps Securus trace the phone calls and also to download all verbal communication and text messages.


The last product is their Wireless Containment Solutions. Securus Technologies knows that you do not need a plan to access the internet and that many inmates plan their attacks by using Facebook messenger. This great product allows them to negate a phone’s inherent ability to connect to Wi-Fi.


The Rise to the CEO of the Year, Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has been the recipient of the CEO of the year award. The ceremony’s host was One PlanetSM award which honors business and professional excellence of the industry. One PlanetSM recognizes all companies be it private or public entities. The ceremony celebrates companies that have displayed exceptional excellence in their discipline. The award considers all the companies in the world.

Troy McQuagge demonstrated his humility by dedicating the award to the workforce of USHEALTH group. He explained that the company’s success has primarily been to the organization collective effort to solve challenges in health care while providing cheap solutions for all the clients.

Troy McQuagge hails from the Panama City, Florida. He finished with a B.A degree from the University of Central Florida. Tony previously worked I the United Insurance Company where his expertise earned him an executive position in the organization. The organization later rebranded to Health Markets, to which he was named the president. While at the helm of leadership, he turned the tides of the group. He was able to increase the turnover of the company’s profit with record-breaking margins. In his administration, the organization managed to bag the sales organization of the year, sponsored by selling power magazine. After a successful stint at HM, he moved to USHEALTH group.Inc where he served as the president and chief executive officer. He has since risen to the CEO of the organization .since his promotion as the president; the agency has enjoyed consisted growth in some sales. The consistency has elevated the group to the giant status it currently enjoys.

Troy extensive experience in the financial sector has led him to be in the thick of the growth of the two largest insurance companies in the United States. Tony has the experience of over three decades, working in the insurance, sales, marketing, management and leadership positions. Regarding his area of specialty, his career can be defined to be broad.

Throughout his career, Tony has been responsible in ensuring clients receive the best insurance covers at affordable rates. He has also personified the services to provide each client has his/her tailor-made plan. These specialized services have been fundamental to his success.

Troy McQuagge recognizes the efforts of the community through participating in philanthropic opportunities and various charities. Read more about Meghan Natural Health at