Anthony Petrello’s Generous Neurological Research Institute

Anthony Petrello serves as the President and CEO of Nabors Industries. He also sits on the board and the executive committee as the company chairman. His academic record is interesting graduating with a J D degree from Harvard Law School. He then proceeded to Yale University graduating with a bachelor’s of science degree in mathematics and a master of science in mathematics from the same university.

Petrello started his career with Baker & Mackenzie in 1979. He became a managing partner in 1986 stationed at the firm’s New York office. In 1991, Petrello resigned from the law firm and joined Nabors Industries as the chief operating officer and rising to the rank of the company president a year later. He was appointed as the deputy company chairman in 2003 and rose to be the chairman in 2012. His appointment as the CEO of the company came in 2011. Nabors Industry is a leading global contractor drilling geothermal and natural gas. The company has its operations in US, Africa, and the Middle East.

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia received the blessing of a daughter Carena. At the time of her birth, she was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) a condition that develops in children following lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Carena was born 24 weeks earlier and developed cerebral palsy a condition that delays developmental issues. Her parents devoted extensive resources to find a perfect solution to their daughter’s problem.

An extensive search for an institution to offer a full cure to his daughter’s condition yielded no results. He turned to Texas Children’s Hospital a facility that provided care to children with cerebral palsy. He posed the idea to the institution for a research center to undertake an extensive search for solutions to the condition. Petrello made a pledge of $7 million as an initiative for the new research center with an intention to offer further research to childhood disorders. Friends and relatives offered support to his effort that saw Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute open its doors in 2010. The center continues to receive credit and support for its ever-of-a-kind initiative to brighten the future of children with disabilities.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Promote Justice through the Frontera Fund

According to the United Nations, everyone is entitled to human rights. Human rights refer to the freedom granted to every individual despite their sexual orientation, choice of culture, class or beliefs. Human rights were implemented in a bid to promote justice in the system of governance across the world.

The main aim of the creation of human rights is to generate a safe environment for individuals who feel threatened in the society because of their differences. Because of the existence of human rights, most cultures have shared their diversity and differences in a bid to embrace each other. The development of human rights consequently led to some human rights foundation concerned with humanity. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida and About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen established the Human Rights Foundation. The nonpartisan organization promotes social justices by protecting human rights globally. The focus of the team is embedded in closed societies. Through this organization, people are united on the common basis of defending human rights as well as promoting liberal democracy. The mission of Human Rights Foundation is to initiate freedom across the world. The team at Human Rights Foundations seeks in particular to maintain the efforts of liberation in areas that consider it a threat.


The Human Rights Foundation believes that everyone is entitled self-determination, freedom of speech, traveling, and association. This is because people in a free society deserve to be accorded fair treatment under the law.

The foundation also believes that all individuals must be granted the freedom to participate in the political landscape of their countries as through the policies is the state governed. HRF have a strong and fundamental expression when it comes to the conviction of freedom from exile, detainment or interfering with an individuals’ conscience. It is evident that HRF is highly supporting justice in the society.

Lacey and Larkin

Michael and Jim are the co-founders of two media forums, the Phoenix New Times as well as the Village Voice Media. Sherriff Arpaio Joe arrested the partners in an assignment that saw them disclosing the legal matters of a court proceeding. From the case, Michael and Jim parted with a cash settlement that they have decided to utilize by funding migrant rights organizations in Arizona.

The $3.75 million that resulted from their arrest will be channeled to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund with the aim of supporting civil human and migrant’s rights foundations. The bill will also cover organizations that support freedom of speech in Arizona.

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Julie Zuckerberg and Her Experiments in Talent Acquisition

Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Recruitment Lead of Deutsche Bank U.S. division, is known for experimenting new techniques to bring the best talents to the firm. She looks for quality sourcing of right candidates and depends various sources to get the vibrant and diverse set of people for the firm’s recruitments. Julie mixes the new technologies with old technics to avail all sorts of candidates from which the operation teams would find easy picks. She understands that it is always great to have a large number of the skilled talent pool to recruit from and has some successful strategies keep them always available. It includes directly maintaining communication with the candidates, engaging them in the recruitment platform of the firm, working with various sourcing firms, social media interactions, forum discussions, discussing the recruitment strategies and assisting the candidates with answers, etc. In her current role at Deutsche Bank, Julie is the lead person in framing, creating a talent pool, negotiating, and hiring to Managing Director level positions in various departments under the U.S. division of the bank. She counsels the executive committees and leadership on different hiring strategies. Julie helps the hiring teams to make various recruitments including Director and below roles with supervision and proper direction.

Julie Zuckerberg started her career by working with a recruitment and people management firm called Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement. During the period, she took care of various recruitments to the company as well as to its clients in various roles such as attorneys, supporting staff, case managers, and paralegals. Later, Julie joined Citi as its Vice President and Executive Recruiter. In the role, she took care of end-to-end recruitment process of Managing Director and Director level hiring for various departments under Citi North America including Internet Office, Citi Global Consumer Marketing, and Citi Cards. She was approached by the senior leadership to get advised on recruitment strategies, compensations trends, talents, and market trends. Zuckerberg actively took part in the creation and negotiation of complex job offerings such as relocation, clawbacks, equity buyouts, deferred awards, immigration in collaborating with different stakeholders both external and internal. She was also focused on bringing the talents from other global markets and ensured their smooth transition by addressing the issues related to international relocation. Julie managed and supervised the search firms, including fee negotiation, candidate vetting, and firm selection. She left Citi in the fourth quarter of 2013 and joined New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead. Zuckerberg left the firm after four months for Deutsche Bank.

Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College before starting her high-profile talent acquisition career. She is credited with her team leadership skills, talent management, conflict resolution, employee training, succession planning, strategy, and more. Zuckerberg is a fitness freak and loves running, cycling, tech news, science, etc., and she has written few fitness blogs as well. She also has interests in New York’s arts and fashion festivals and reportedly seen in a number of such events.

U.S. Money Reserve becomes most competitive gold coin clearing house

U.S. Money Reserve has risen through the ranks, over the last two decades, to become the single largest provider of coin sales and related services within the United States. Its ability to deliver excellent service to customers seeking to purchase gold, silver and platinum coins is second to none. With one of the most trusted names in the industry, customers know when they choose to buy through U.S. Money Reserve they are getting the best possible price on the highest quality product.


Founded 15 years ago by Phillip Diehl, the former director of the U.S. Mint, U.S. Money Reserve has steadily risen to become the most important player in the U.S. gold coin industry. This has been accomplished through a number of unique services that the company offers. One of these is the provision of in-house experts, who work with all interested clients of U.S. Money Reserve to develop retirement plans, including sophisticated use of individual retirement accounts, to successfully allocate their gold coin purchases in furtherance of their retirement goals.


Many customers are not aware of the fact that, through the use of accounts called self-directed individual retirement accounts, it is possible to retain all of the tax advantages and other financial benefits of an individual retirement account while allocating a significant portion of the account into precious coins. Because this feature is not available to traditional individual retirement accounts, this provides an incredible opportunity for those who seek the shelter and security of an asset which has historically performed outstandingly throughout all of history’s financial down turns. Simply put, there is no better asset in which to invest one’s money, in terms of weathering financial turmoil, than precious coins made of gold, silver or platinum. These assets have generated a track record of strong performance that has lasted literally millennia, longer than any other asset class in human history.


But U.S. Money Reserve is always looking for ways to add even more value to their customer interactions and increase the satisfaction of their clients every day. One example of this has been the rollout, over the last year, of a new website that includes an extensive knowledge database as well as a streamlined purchasing interface that allows customers to become owners with more ease and efficiency than has ever before been possible.


This is just one of the many things that have allowed U.S. Money Reserve’s to become the nation’s premier dealer in precious coins while delivering excellent service to its customers for more than 15 years.


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Bruce Levenson’s Do Good Institute Sees Impressive Returns

In 2010, The University of Maryland established the Do Good Institute with around $75 million in funding from Bruce and Karen Levenson, and a further $20 million from the State of Maryland. The initial steps taken by the Do Good Institute saw a single program offered for students across the campus that would become one of the most popular on campus, in the Philanthropy 101 program students were given $10,000 to provide for good causes in a bid to make them consider how their donations were used at all times.

The Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been a major philanthropist over the course of his business career and hopes the development of the Do Good Institute will allow students across campus the chance to take their first steps in the nonprofit and volunteering industries. Not only is the aim of Bruce Levenson to educate the next generation of not for profit leaders, but also to promote volunteering and philanthropy across The University of Maryland campus; Levenson believes a higher level of education should be sought by not for profit leaders who often have a passion for their chosen good cause, but lack the business skills to push forward their ideas and fight against the concerns of private sector groups who are often fighting for space in a crowded industry.

As a leading member of the Jewish community in the U.S., Bruce Levenson has become a major supporter of a number of groups who are supporting the needs of the Jewish community, including Birthright Israel and the Jewish Federation. Bruce Levenson is a leading technology expert who developed the United Communications Group and a number of offshoots, including the TechTarget and Gas Buddy brands that have continued to provide new aspects of the latest real time information technology developed through his impressive UCG brand.


Is It Worth It Becoming A Wine Guide?

Traveling Vineyard gives ordinary folks the chance to promote and market their wine via direct sales, allowing promoters to receive 35 percent of all their sales. It can be quite financially rewarding if you make a good amount of sales consistently throughout the week.

Wine guides are definitely some very high paid promoters because they make the world of this company go round. This is why they are called the Traveling Vineyard because they have their amazing wine guides travel and go everywhere to spread the word about the company. Bonuses, other opportunities, marketing tools, and everything is included so you succeed and make money.

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Is it worth it to become a wine guide? It’s really just up to you to decide how you think or feel about it. It is honestly a great opportunity to make a side income from what you currently do. You can do this once a week and make an extra $400-$700 a month talking about your favorite wine from the brand. Money can go up and down depending on how many events you do a week, so if you have several in a single week, you cold be making $400 in just a few days.

Becoming a wine guide means you have no actual boss to deal with. You don’t have to deal with actually coming in to an office daily. You have plenty of freedom to do whatever you want and just enjoy yourself. Wine guides can make money even on days they’re not working.

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Renown Health

A new family practice clinic will be opened by Renown Health in South Reno in the spring. Primary care services including a laboratory will be available. The group’s medical director is Dr. McCormack who has said they want the clinic to be inviting, relaxing and comfortable. The space will eventually add to the services available including a conference room for the staff and patients to talk..

Ar. McCormack also indicated they are waiting to see what happens with the repeal and replacement of Obamacare before proceeding further. The clinic will start with a staff of eleven but will be adding some additional staff. The clinic covers 10,000 square feet in the Summit mall.

The general contracting was done by Shaheen Beauchamp Builders and the design and architecture was performed by MBA Architects and lead by Eric Fong. Forbes Engineering handled the structural engineering and MSA Engineering handled the electrical, plumbing and mechanical. All of these companies have their base in Reno. More than a dozen contractors were required for the completion of the facility.

There are now twelve clinics for primary care owned by the healthcare provider. They are located all over the Reno-Sparks area including Fernley, Fallon and Carson City. An additional clinic has also been opened for primary care in the Caughlin Ranch area. Renown now has 12 primary care clinics throughout Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and Fernley. The healthcare provider also recently opened a primary care clinic in the Caughlin Ranch area.

Renown Health is the only not-for-profit, locally governed healthcare network located in Reno. This is incredibly important because it means all their earnings stay in Reno. These earnings are then reinvested into equipment, people and programs so the community is better served. There are no shareholders or owners living elsewhere to keep satisfied. Their purpose is serving the needs of the community and their patients. Since their money stays put the local citizens have a role in the way it is spent. There are over 150 members of the community who serve on the board for Renown or in an advisory capacity. Visit this site to learn more about Renown Health.

Samuel Strauch: Getting Help From A Reputable Real Estate Investor

Are you planning to start in the real estate business and need proper guidance? Want to work with a professional who is passionate about helping others succeed? If you sincerely want to become successful investing in real estate, you need to get in touch with Samuel Strauch right away.

One of the most reliable ways to earn a great income and achieve financial freedom is real estate investing. This business has changed the lives of countless people and can change yours too, if you follow proven path.

You need to be willing to learn and to apply what works in the industry. It takes great effort and commitment to attain success in any endeavor, real estate investing included.

There are many real estate resources and coaches out there offering to render the help you need to make your dream come true but keep in mind that not all real estate training programs are created equal. Find someone who has been rendering top notch coaching and advice and you can learn what to do to reach your goal.

Investing in real estate is a great way to make your fortune. No matter what the real estate market looks like, you will always profit if you know what you’re doing.

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For example, when the market is up, smart investors purchase damaged or foreclosed properties and then sell them for a huge profit. If the property market is down, experienced investors purchase property and then rent it out for steady monthly income.


There are several other proven strategies any investor or entrepreneur can use to attain success in the real estate investment field no matter the situation. Samuel Strauch has great expertise in this field and has many strategies that work perfectly to generate huge fortunes.



Arthur Becker Transforms NYC Landscape

Author Becker has been able to capitalize on real estate because he has set back and watched the market. He has been able to analyze developments in industries where others may not have seen opportunity.

What Tech mogul Arthur Becker is most known for is his stake in the Manhattan Real estate development. He has a project in SoHo for a trio of townhouses. He has also been in place to get townhouses in New York City on Sullivan Street. He has managed to capitalize on lots of different real estate investments where he could make great returns when he put money into certain high-end investments. Madison Equities is the development company that he has worked with to build a plethora of condos and townhouses on 57th Street.

Arthur Becker has had his hand in the real estate industry for a long time and he has become one of Manhattan’s biggest real estate developers. There is development of bountiful new condos in Manhattan thanks to his dedication. Arthur Becker stands to make a tremendous amount of profit from the townhouses in the Soho area because there is a great demand for luxury dwellings. According to the RealDeal, this is an area that has homes that are as expensive as the ones in Tribeca, and this is one place with some of the highest rent in Manhattan.

Arthur Becker has proven that he is one of the top in the real estate development in New York City. He has worked as the CEO of Zinio, and he has also worked in biotechnology. It appears, however, that real estate maybe the industry that he will thrive in the most. He has worked with Madison Partners LLC and develops some huge properties for New York City.

With all of the expansion that Arthur Becker is making in Manhattan it is obvious that he is planning to Branch out even more into the real estate industry. Becker has proven that he can be versatile in his business efforts. At one time he was a senior advisor with the Vera Wang fashion company. Becker has many different leadership talents. Visit his personal website at

What You May Not Know About Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson made a lot of news on ESPN when he decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks last year, a sale that many said exceeded the expected price. Levenson is still involved in a legal matter regarding this sale and the buyout of former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment had filed a claim with their insurance company, AIG when the sale was made. This claim was to cover losses involving wrongful employment termination or workplace torts, and AHBE’s attorneys say they were within their right to file this claim. But AIG so far has refused to honor their policy, so Levenson and AHBE are taking them to court and suing for damages and court costs.

Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and owned them up until 2015, and even briefly owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers during that period. Before owning the Hawks, Levenson founded a newsletter company, Unified Communications Group (UCG). This company publishes information about industries such as energy, healthcare and technology, and even owns the Gas Buddy app. Levenson also sits on the boards of UCG subsidiary TechTarget and BIA Digital Partners, a private equity investment advisory company. See,

Bruce Levenson also has served with several philanthropies including Hoop Dreams and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. He also is a large contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, an event that’s had a profound impact on him and his family, including his mother-in-law who survived the horrific event. She once shared her story with the Atlanta Hawks team when Levenson brought them to the museum in 2014. Levenson supports other Jewish activist groups including Birthright Israel, the SEED Foundation, and BBYO. He helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at UMD, and also sat on the board for the Concert Against Hate in 2015.