Breaking The Rules Doesn’t Always Lead To Destruction

There are rules for just about fashion and make up that ought to be considered. However, there is this bold and bright lady, Doe Deere, who thinks that rules are meant to be broken. On the other hand, I see no harm in doing so if it adds some style to my outfit. Some of the rules to break are as mentioned.

Not wearing a bold lip with bright eyes and vice versa is one of the rules. However, it can be a creative look if done cautiously and artistically. For instance, putting on a bold glittery blue with bright lipstick can be the order of the day. There is another rule that forbids putting on too many colors. Instead, there is the assembling of various shades and putting them together to come up with an outstanding look.

When it comes to patterns, too many individuals prefer to wear just one. On the other hand, Doe Deere loves to mix and match different patterns in a way that not only pleases the eye but also confuses it. Deere is an addict of both socks and tights hence making it quite a task to put on anything without throwing on a pair. Her love of color allows her to pick shoes and socks that are of a contrast toe to add color to the look.

Another rule is that with colored hair, you can only put on black or any other neutral color. This rule seems to portray the ability of fashion to stand color and personality. However, she advises that you can put on certain colors that suit the shade of your hair color. The rule on dressing your age does not apply to Deere. She believes that if you like it, no matter the age, wear it.

Doe Deere is one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs who owns Lime Crime, which is a bold and creative brand of makeup. Since she was young, she has always loved color whether it was through her clothes or accessories or even her mom’s make-up. At nine years old Deere had a sleepover with her friends, and this is where the light was rekindled. In 2004, she started an eBay store that she named Lime Crime since it rhymed with her best color. From here, it was all about breaking all the fashion rules.

Survey Reveals Correctional Facilities Keen on Updating their Technologies

On March 31, 2016, Securus Technologies released the results of a nationwide survey that sought to reveal the operational priorities for correctional facilities in the country. Securus is one of the nation’s leading provider of technologies that ensures justice prevails over both civil and criminal cases. Its solutions support public safety, monitoring and corrections as well as investigation support. In the survey, it was revealed that over half of the correctional facilities surveyed were interested in updating their technologies while at the same time expanding their services in 2016. This will go a long way in improving their productivity, inmate satisfaction and profitability.

In the survey, 56 percent planned to update all their technologies, 55 percent planned to expand their services while 15 percent wanted to cut costs of operation in 2016. It is evident that improving current technologies was key in creating operation efficiencies. The survey was conducted at the firm’s new Technology Center fully fitted with top notch technology systems. The $1.5 million facility is approximately 10, 500 square feet big. It allows its clients to sample and experience the services and technologies offered by Securus in real time. Securus aims to use the facility to begin addressing the issues raised by the corrections facilities. This clearly shows the commitment of the company in its quest to become a technological partner for all correctional facilities in North America.

About Securus Technologies

Securus technologies provides several important services to the country’s law and security apparatus. It offers emergency response services, quick incident management, investigation assistance, biometric analysis, information and communication management, inmate self-services, public information, monitoring capabilities of inmate phone calls and other forms of communication as well as managing its own systems by offering repair and maintenance services. Securus serves a mind boggling 3,400 public safety apparatus including law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities.

Securus aims to provide top notch and innovative technologies that ensure the safety of the general public while at the same time, making life easier for security agencies as well as inmates. Its products that have enabled inmates to visit with their loved ones conveniently using video visitation technology. The company is currently headquartered in the city of Dallas, Texas. It employs a top executive management team that has established a culture of excellence, hard work and efficiency at the company. It also runs regional offices in Texas in the cities of Allen and Carrollton, with another office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Securus Technologies is not in any way a part of the website Securus America nor is it affiliated with the Amazon product Securus used to treat anxiety and pain relief.

You can download the video visitation app from Google Play to integrate with your Android devices or, to work with your Apple tablet and/or phone find the free app in the App Store.

What You Should Know About US Money Reserve Penny

CNBC Squawk Box interviewed Phillip Diehl formerly of the director of the U.S. Mint and now the president of U.S. Money Reserves about the dying of our precious penny.

Mr. Diehl is a graduate of Stamford University, and during his forty year career also worked at Senate Finance Committee. In the interview Mr. Diehl explains how it costs more to make the penny than it’s now worth, and that how the penny is no longer made of copper, but is over 97 percent zinc.

Mr. Diehl goes onto explain that even if you see a penny in the street and bend over to pick it up you are working for less than minimum wage.

The example given Mr. Diehl were MacDonald’s burgers selling for $3.99. Taking the penny away, some feel the price will rise to $4.00, and this effect of removing the penny will affect prices across all industries and products.

U.S. Money Reserves president disagrees with those views. He believes that Mac Donald’s is more likely to come down to $3.95 for the burger instead of annoying customers over a penny. Mr. Diehl believes that it’s an argument use by the penny lobby to keep it in production. He explains that 75 percent of all transactions now are electronic, and that only 25 percent are in cash.

The penny lobby is made up of the zinc industry, and the industry that produces the blanks and the penny itself. Mr. Diehl explains by eliminating the penny, the government will save about one hundred and five million dollars a year.

When it was pointed out that it costs more to produce a nickel than five cents, Mr. Diehl replied that we are able to change the composition of a nickel, but it’s impossible to do the same with the penny anymore. He also mentions that the Illinois Congressional Delegation wants to keep the penny in circulation because of Abraham Lincoln.

One Bad Day Can Mess Up A Reputation

A single bad day should not be enough to cause major harm to a person’s reputation. “Should” is a subjective word here. One bad day sometimes “does” harm a person’s life.

On one day on the campus of the University of Missouri, a protest event took place. Assistant Professor Melissa Click found herself in a heated confrontation with a few journalism student. Things were captured on video, and the video ended up hitting the media. Due to that one bad day, Melissa Click lost her job.

Lamenting over “one bad day” is not likely to help change things in any way. Rather than lament, it is best to take proactive steps to mitigate a situation. Click chose to hire the Austin, TX firm Status Labs to address the situation from a public relations and image management perspective. This might prove to be an extremely wise step.

Status Labs works at fixing public relations woes and other public media mishaps. Generally, the work handled by Status Labs is internet-oriented. Good reason exists for this.

Once something less-than-flattering appears on the internet, the material could have a haunting effect on a person’s life. The content remains online for years and years creating an impression of a person that might not even be close to accurate. As unfair as this sounds, that is just the way things go.

Status Labs and president Darius Fisher has helped an impressive array of clients who have had to deal with the fallout of one or more bad days. These clients are found all throughout the globe. The company’s massive growth in only a four-year period shows the firm has been able to help various clients deal with all sorts of complicated situations.