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While pregnant, a woman requires a different diet than a woman who is not. It can be a daunting task to focus on getting the right nutrients. The change in diet does not stop after giving birth. A new mother will also have different dietary requirements. Those who have given birth know the physical stress it can cause your body. It takes time to recover and there are also the added demands of taking care of a baby and a toddler that means new mothers will need to focus on their diet for years after giving birth. It is not enough to just add 2,000 calories to your diet.

Every meal is crucial and each meal should contain a mix of different food groups, including vegetables, fruits, carbs, and protein. There are also foods that new mothers should avoid, including any packaged food that has had sugar or salt added to it. On top of the foods you should and should not eat, new mothers need to be aware of the supplements they will need, including calcium and iron. This may all sound too daunting especially when taking care of the baby is your first priority.

There is a new Herbalife Nutrition product that can help take the stress away. Herbalife Nutrition’s New Mom Nutrient Booster contains all of the vitamins and minerals that a new mom would need. Even the best diet could not supply everything that you would need, but Herbalife has created a supplement booster that contains vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B6, iron, copper, and folate. It helps with sleep, the immune system, and energy levels. There are no artificial ingredients and the booster can be added to any drink, including the Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Nutritional Shake.

It is designed with the new mother in mind and caters to the specific requirements that are needed.