Jeremy Goldstein: The Fountain House Fall Fete

Every year, the Associates Committee of Fountain House hosts an event that introduces everyone to the next group of leaders that will support the Fountain House mission. The event also features a small award ceremony where they honor people who’ve made great contributions to that mission.

Fountain House is an organization that’s dedicated to the recovery of men and women suffering from mental illness. They also help those who are merely going through emotional rough times in their lives. Their mission is to fight the stigma associated with emotional struggles and mental illness.

At last year’s event, they honor George Petrides, a sufferer of a mental condition. For much of his life, Petrides struggled with Bipolar II. After getting help, he saw the value of sharing his story with others who may be suffering similarly. He was honored for his work for people who are directly and indirectly affected by mental illness.

Along with people like George Petrides, there are people like Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein doesn’t suffer from a condition, but he wants to help bring awareness to the importance of getting help and removing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

To do his part, Jeremy Goldstein began hosting high-profile wine dinners. At first, he planned on hosting one wine dinner on top of the NoMad Hotel in New York. The dinner was such a hit with guests; they wanted him to host another dinner. The first dinner raised $33,000; the second raised $23,000.

That money went toward supporting Fountain House’s self-help program. That program attracted Jeremy Goldstein because it wasn’t a simple handout. It’s a program that helps people find jobs and get their lives back together after they’ve recovered enough to rejoin society.


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