Igor Cornelsen: A Business-minded Engineer

Born in Curitiba, Brazil back in 1947 Igor Cornelsen was a focused person from early childhood. While growing up, all he ever wanted to study and perfect was the skill of being an engineer. Immediately he turned 18 years old, Igor Cornelsen was able to enroll at the Federal Parana University, School of Engineering where he would be able to carry out his life-long dream. Although he wanted so badly to study for engineering after a couple of years at the university Igor Cornelsen switched majors and joined the School of Business of the same university where he chose to pursue economics. By the year 1970, Igor Cornelsen managed to graduate and he had his economics qualifications in check.

As soon as he graduated, Igor Cornelsen was able to gain fast employment and he was taken in by Multibanco which was an investment bank in Brazil. He worked as the bank’s compound interest calculator because, at the time in Brazil, computers and automated calculations were not something that could just be found anywhere.

After only four years at the company, Igor Cornelsen was awarded as the best investment banker at the company. Ultimately, this top scorer performance gave him the privilege to be part of the company’s board of directors and by 1976, Igor Cornelsen was the CEO of the company itself. In 1978, Bank of America bought the company and Igor Cornelsen halted his position at the company.

Following his tenure at Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen went on to join Unibanco where he worked up until around 1985. Igor Cornelsen went on to London Merchant Bank and he worked as an investment advisor. London Bank changed their name to Libra Bank and his tenure here was so successful that he was taken on by Standard Chartered Merchant Bank on the position of a board member. He served the bank for more than 5 years and he was the official representative for the bank at Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen started Bainbridge Investment Inc. In the Bahamas in 1995. The company is involved in identifying legit investments for investors and helps them use long-term investment techniques.