How Securus Technologies has Helped Families During Christmas

Christmas is a time of the year we all anticipate. It is a festive season that brings, joy and fun between families. For many, it is a time where people share memories of days gone and making new memories. To others, it is a time to go through family traditions which have been passed down for several generations. For whatever reason, Christmas is a special day for everyone. From the youngest to the oldest, it carries a very special purpose and meaning.


People in correction facilities should also enjoy the joy and fun of Christmas. They can achieve this by making calls to their families during Christmas. I understood how the video visitation works when I saw a promotional video by Securus Technologies. The video was that of an inmate spending time with his child during the Christmas festivities. The video showed how spending time together was valuable for both parties. Through the use of the video visitation system, families have been able to get in touch with other family members frequently. From the YouTube video, the child was delighted to talk with his father who is an inmate in one of the correction facilities.


The video visitation program has enhanced inmate communication to their family members. Inmates can finally spend time with their families during important occasions. Apart from the Christmas holiday season, a father can participate in other occasions such as graduation, birthdays and special events. The video visitation program is one of the best inventions by the technology company. The service has fostered proper family relationship for people separated by prison walls. I think that the video program is one of the best ways to ensure inmates never return to jail once released.


Securus Technologies is a company that excels in technology and communication services in correction facilities. The company avails its services to the general public. It has grown to serve close to four thousand correction facilities within the United States. The number of people connected to the company’s communication system has increased to 1, 200,000 inmates. Securus Technologies has received a wide applause from fans and critics. The nature of communication services provided by the company is second to none. The company has advanced in various technology services such as incident management, information management, and inmate self-services. The firm introduced a new line of advanced technology services. The line of service makes use of biometric analysis, emergency response, monitoring program, and advanced communication systems.