Julie Zuckerberg and Her Experiments in Talent Acquisition

Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Recruitment Lead of Deutsche Bank U.S. division, is known for experimenting new techniques to bring the best talents to the firm. She looks for quality sourcing of right candidates and depends various sources to get the vibrant and diverse set of people for the firm’s recruitments. Julie mixes the new technologies with old technics to avail all sorts of candidates from which the operation teams would find easy picks. She understands that it is always great to have a large number of the skilled talent pool to recruit from and has some successful strategies keep them always available. It includes directly maintaining communication with the candidates, engaging them in the recruitment platform of the firm, working with various sourcing firms, social media interactions, forum discussions, discussing the recruitment strategies and assisting the candidates with answers, etc. In her current role at Deutsche Bank, Julie is the lead person in framing, creating a talent pool, negotiating, and hiring to Managing Director level positions in various departments under the U.S. division of the bank. She counsels the executive committees and leadership on different hiring strategies. Julie helps the hiring teams to make various recruitments including Director and below roles with supervision and proper direction.

Julie Zuckerberg started her career by working with a recruitment and people management firm called Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement. During the period, she took care of various recruitments to the company as well as to its clients in various roles such as attorneys, supporting staff, case managers, and paralegals. Later, Julie joined Citi as its Vice President and Executive Recruiter. In the role, she took care of end-to-end recruitment process of Managing Director and Director level hiring for various departments under Citi North America including Internet Office, Citi Global Consumer Marketing, and Citi Cards. She was approached by the senior leadership to get advised on recruitment strategies, compensations trends, talents, and market trends. Zuckerberg actively took part in the creation and negotiation of complex job offerings such as relocation, clawbacks, equity buyouts, deferred awards, immigration in collaborating with different stakeholders both external and internal. She was also focused on bringing the talents from other global markets and ensured their smooth transition by addressing the issues related to international relocation. Julie managed and supervised the search firms, including fee negotiation, candidate vetting, and firm selection. She left Citi in the fourth quarter of 2013 and joined New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead. Zuckerberg left the firm after four months for Deutsche Bank.

Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College before starting her high-profile talent acquisition career. She is credited with her team leadership skills, talent management, conflict resolution, employee training, succession planning, strategy, and more. Zuckerberg is a fitness freak and loves running, cycling, tech news, science, etc., and she has written few fitness blogs as well. She also has interests in New York’s arts and fashion festivals and reportedly seen in a number of such events.

Malini Saba’s Investment Career

Malini Saba is one of the female leaders in the business industry whose achievement and contributions cannot go unnoticed. Originally, she is from South-Asia. It is my view that she is one of the successful female investors and philanthropist. Saba established Saban, an investment company that focuses on technology companies in the United States. The firm has invested in real estate’s in both Australia and India. It has also huge shareholdings in oil and gas in China. I believe that because of her success and accumulated wealth, she has been in a position to donate for various courses.

 Malini Saba founded “Stree”, a non-profit company whose main role is to change how women that earn low income and are vulnerable perceive themselves in society. Through Stree, It is my hope that women and children have benefited from services such as health care and legal empowerment. The company has also offered women with a platform where grassroots movement can be in touch with the public policy in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and India.

Bill Clinton, the former U.S. President and Noor, the Queen of Jordan, inaugurated the organization. I believe that in the spirit of giving back to the society, Malini donated $1 million to be used in the construction of the first Health center in the world. It was constructed at El Camino Hospital, which is in Mountain View, CA. In 2004, Malini toured the different regions that were hard hit by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and India. During this tour, Malini pledged $10 million to support the affected individuals. This information was originally mentioned on Huffington Post.

 Malini began her investment career at Silicon Valley. Here, she was working as a venture capitalist. She gained extensive experience in the field. Through advice and insights about investments, she managed to invest in over 20 technology firms. These companies included Sycamore Networks, Inc., Netscreen Technologies and PayPal Inc.

Malini is a proud alumnus of the University of Western Australia, Perth. She also attended Stanford University in California where she graduated with a Master’s degree and PhD in Psychology. While at Stanford University, Malini took up casual jobs in order to supplement her income. I believe that her interest in finance and investment started developing while in her alma mater. She started meeting individuals from the venture capital community besides attending business management classes. She started investing in stocks and commodities. By the time she turned 34, Malini was a self-made multimillionaire. This information was originally published on Slide Share.

An Inspirational Story of Helane Morrison: Balancing Work and Life

Helane Morrison is known as a person who not only knows the importance of ethics, but also knows the importance of following rules to do what is right when it comes to ethics in business and finances. She served for the government and news media exposing and preventing corruption in the finance industry, and was head of enforcement for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for three years in San Francisco, Calif. Thereafter, Morrison was chief of SEC in San Francisco for eight years before she became Managing Director, General Counsel and CCO for Hall Capital in 2007, says Hall Capital Partners, LLC.

Historically, Morrison is the first woman who has ever served as district chief of SEC to manage enforcement and examination programs within San Francisco’s jurisdictions: Alaska, Idaho, Mont., northern Calif., northern Nev., Ore., and Wash., which is a division of Los Angeles’ Pacific Region, George Raine said.

Morrison’s history began when she was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., before adventuring into higher education studying journalism at a university in the state of Ill., and earning a JD in the state of Calif. After passing bar examinations to practice law, she worked for law firms in corporate investigations. This is where Morrison found her main focus as an attorney to expose violations in security laws, and to defend individuals who were affected by corruption in securities, says Jordan Taylor. Until, Morrison discovered that there was more need for equality in financial services, therefore, she became ambitious to change the financial industry with more women leaders.

Today, Morrison is CCO with Hall Capital, a high profile, successful investment advisory firm, which is completely operated, managed, and led by women. The culture at Hall Capital is ethical, Morrison said to Jordan Taylor.

In How Helane Morrison is Shattering the Glass Ceiling in the Corporate World, Jordan Taylor says that Morrison is inspirational in balancing work with life, and serves top organizations as a board member. In addition to volunteering with hedge fund managers, she is active with a group of corporate leaders at the Regional Parks Foundation in Calif.