Is Dallas, Texas, The New Brazilian Butt Lift Capital?

The city of Dallas, Texas, is one of America’s top metropolitan areas. It has fine dining, recreation, a thriving nightlife as well as sporting events. On the other hand, Dallas has a thriving medical community and one of the most sought-after procedures in the 21st century is the butt lift. For those who feel like they could use a bit more “junk in the trunk,” this treatment is for you. As of today, medical facilities are providing numerous financing opportunities to ease the financial-strain. There are some things that you need to consider before ever embarking on this journey. First of all, individuals will need to be in good health standings. There isn’t a doctor in the world who will run the risk of doing a butt lift if the patient is ill or in a physically-weak state.


Due diligence is the key to success. The first thing you should do is to go on a scouting-mission to find the best surgeon that meets your specific needs. Unfortunately, all surgeons aren’t the same and many of them use specific techniques. This scouting-mission should feel like a job interview in a sense and make sure to ask plenty of questions. This includes the questions of “how many butt lifts have you performed” or “how long have you been in the business?” This will give you a better understanding of what to expect from each surgeon. Since this has nothing to do with butt-implants, your preferred surgeon will choose between a traditional treatment or a Brazilian treatment.


Patients are required to stay hydrated in the days that are before the surgery. Disclose any medications that you are currently taking and make plans to have someone bring you home after the surgery. Once you’ve gotten yourself together, you can now have the treatment.


Capitol Anesthesiology Helps Your Community Succeed in Health!

Capitol Anesthesiology serves a number of hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers within the Dallas-Ft Worth metro area. They are involved in the community with their doctors and CRNAs donating their time and skills to mission groups that serve poor areas around the world.

Some of the organizations they serve include Austin Smiles, Operation Smile, Partnerships for Children, and many more noteworthy charitable organizations that benefit from the planning and generosity of this wonderful association.

CAA also offers continuing medical education through the Dell Medical School. Imagine being able to upgrade your skill set by learning and engaging with the best of the best of professors and students from all over the world. This school has over 30 years experience in training health care professionals for the future. They also have many career opportunities and jobs listed on their website. You should not sleep on your health care needs and miss out on working with a great organization like CAA.

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