The Man, The Surgeon, and The Blogger

Can you imagine being a plastic surgeon AND a blogger? Dr. Sameer Jejurikar seems to balance work life and leisure, seamlessly. Going by Dr. J, for short. He is a board certified plastic surgeon who practices out of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He achieved his under graduate degree from The University of Michigan. He is also affiliated with eight other hospitals in the Dallas area. Dr. J specializes in a large variety of plastic surgeries; some surgeries include face lifts, breast augmentation or reduction, tummy tucks, and even Botox. You can find an extended gallery of his plastic surgery work on his main website, “”. Interested clients can also find the address of his institute, phone number, and see a photo gallery of past patients on his website. Clients can also schedule appointments through his main website. Among other things on his website is a list of several publications, current memberships, and a direct link to his blog. His blog includes topics such as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) safety, breast augmentation myths, skin protection, and scar minimization. Though, he doesn’t seem to blog much these days; you can still find factual posts on his blog. I mean, who would find time to blog when you are participating in medical missions? Yes, you heard that right, medical missions. In his free time, Dr. J goes on an annual trip to Bangladesh to help children in poverty. When he isn’t doing surgery and satisfying patient needs in Dallas, he is helping children in poverty stricken countries.

Q&A with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Plastic Surgeon at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute