FreedomPop is the Best Alternative for Smartphone Customers

FreedomPop is an amazing company. It has been around for several years, and yet, there are still millions of people that have not heard of it. When people start hearing about free phone service, it is going to be impossible to overlook a company like FreedomPop. This has become the company that is giving people access to free phone and Internet service. It has become possible for more people to see the benefits of using FreedomPop because they are realizing that this is quality service that doesn’t cost anything.


Multiple people have spoken out about a FreedomPop review, and many of these people believe that this is the way to go if you don’t have a huge need for data plans. FreedomPop even offers a plan for those that want unlimited data, but the real deal is found with free data. There are a large number of people that are not even interested in streaming videos and movies. They have these phones with carriers like Sprint or Verizon, and they feel that they are being forced to make these payments on plans they do not need. They don’t want to totally abandon their cell phones though. This is where FreedomPop comes into the picture. It is the great alternative for anyone that is interested in saving money.


Everyone just doesn’t want unlimited plans. Technology tends to push people forward and make them get things that they may have never been interested in acquiring. Smartphones are advancing and Internet speeds are being greater. The cost goes up naturally because of these improvements. What FreedomPop has done is give people the opportunity to get plans that meet their needs. They do not have to get sucked into a world where they are paying for the highest unlimited data plans.


With FreedomPop people can bring in their own phones. They do not have to worry about getting another expensive phone when they decide to cut their contracts with the old carriers. Customers that are using FreedomPop for the phone will eventually transition into free Internet service in the home. Phone plans are becoming higher, and Internet plans in the home are outrageous. This is why it is good to have a plan like this. FreedomPop has become the company that a lot of people depend on because there no contracts. They do not have to worry about cancellation fees.


FreedomPop, Ever Skyward

The Los Angeles-based FreedomPop, the telecommunications industry game-changer, was founded in 2012 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar. After raising $30 million dollars from top investors throughout Europe and the U.S., FreedomPop has skyrocketed to become one of the top telecommunications providers in the world. The company has drastically cut its operation costs by utilizing partner Sprint’s network. It is also know for its incredibly low plans—including a free version. It free version is offered in more than 30 countries and offers unlimited WhatsApp messaging.

A little strangely, it is far more popular everywhere else in the world than in the U.S. However, the free version does mean you are constantly getting advertisements to upgrade to the paid version. There’s that and the fact that most American would rather just get better services by forking out a little bit of cash. It has several ways of achieving this, part of it is offering refurbished mobile phones, tablets and broadband devices. However, customers can opt to simply use the Freedom Pop plan on their own devices. It is now seeking new markets in Europe and Latin America.
FreedomPop has shown itself to be a brilliant pioneer in revolutionizing how providers work. Because of this in 2015 it was the center of a number of very high-profile deals and even take-over bids. There were bids from high-profile companies in the hundreds of millions. One of these really high bids came from partner Sprint. Its super low prices are also being mimicked to varying levels of success. Another one of its brilliant pioneering innovations included peer-to-peer data sharing plans. All of its vast confusion of deals with a multitude of companies and individuals resulted in an impressive list of investors, including three of the very top communications companies.

The face of the telecommunications continues to change with battles over access to wireless, cable, and the internet getting bigger and bigger. But as mention, this is popular everywhere else in the world and has been for some time with other international companies doing so before FreedomPop. American users aren’t the only users who have a free plan with frequent upgrading advertisements. This is true around the world. Nonetheless, FreedomPop has been and continues to be one of the most successful telecommunications business in the world with about $109 million in financing raised. Its future looks bright as it ascends ever skyward. Check out this review to learn more