Livio Bisterzo: The New Pacesetter in Food Production

In May 2015, Livio Bisterzo and his dedicated team of food experts embarked on a journey that brought together the top leaders in the food innovation industry. What the team of experts came up with was a tantalizing and highly crunchy snack going by the name of Hippeas.

Launched in April 2016, Hippeas is an organic chickpea puff made up of 3 grams of proteins, 100 calories per pack, and is gluten-free in nature. Hippeas main selling point is the fact that it’s an organic and non-GMO product that comes with no additives or preservatives whatsoever. The fact that it’s highly rich in fiber and protein makes it the ideal snack for each and every person who wants to enjoy a simple bite, while at the same time, stay healthy.

In just under one year, Hippeas has risen from a regular grab-and-go snack to a nationally acclaimed product. Currently, Hippeas is available in four different flavors namely Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, In herbs we Trust, Sweet and Smokin’ and Vegan White Cheddar. Two of these flavors namely Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar are available in over 7,500 Starbucks branches across the USA, a clear indication of just how famous these snacks have become. Bisterzo attributes the success of Hippeas ( to the fact that it resonates and addresses a significant number of consumers.

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur and the brain behind Hippeas. Livio has been in the food and production industry for over seven (7) years now, an attribute that has enabled him to achieve worldwide success in his latest brand of crunchy snacks.

Been a graduate of the University of the Arts London, Livio is the current CEO, and the owner of the Green Park Holdings Inc, a food innovation company that focuses on building food-related consumer brands with a sole purpose of creating a better lifestyle for each and every person. Livio founded Green Park Holdings Inc in the year 2015. A year down the line, the company has achieved unimaginable success in a very competitive food industry.

Before the launch of Green Park Holdings Inc, Livio was the brain behind the Little Miracles beverage company. Livio had initially bought the startup company in the year 2011 from a Danish entrepreneur, a year after quitting his job at the RNA Cooperation. Two years after purchasing Little Miracles, the company became the fastest growing FMCG SME in the year 2013, while at the same time winning multiple awards internationally.