George Soros Outlines Why Europe Needs to Strengthen its Ties with Kiev

Owing to the structural defects that have bedeviled the euro, European regimes have had to contend with incessant crises. At the moment, the continent is facing five major crises. These include Greece, immigration, the euro and lastly, Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine. The latter is more of an external crisis, which nonetheless, is threatening to tear the union apart. This crisis needs to be given full attention because it will benefit Europe in the long run.

In an insightful article on The New York Review of Books, George Soros states that the emergence of a new Ukraine clearly shows that Ukrainians want a new lease of life. Old Ukraine was dominated by corrupt oligarchs, and a tyrannical political class, which plundered the country’s resources. The new Ukraine was inspired by the Maidan revolution of 2014. Radical reforms are already being implemented to clean up the mess left by the old regime. The European Union has however failed to recognize the gains made by Kiev. It has instead given it second-class treatment, just like it did with Greece. This is despite the fact that Ukrainians have consistently shown their willingness to be associated with the EU.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

The Russian Aggression

While Europe continues battling with its crises, Russia has taken full advantage of the situation to annex Crimea from Ukraine. According to Soros, this is tyrannical and totally negates the gains made by the EU to promote sovereignty. Soros came up with a raft of measures, which he dubbed “a winning strategy for Ukraine”. He argued that sanctions against the Putin-led nation are necessary. However, they are insufficient since Moscow has successfully developed a mechanism to defend itself against EU sanctions. Putin has managed to incite Russians against the EU by telling them that the country’s economic problems are caused by Western powers.

The arguments put forth by Putin have galvanized Russians in such a way that they are resentful towards the European Union. This explains why they have been openly aggressive towards Ukraine. Putin and his administration need to be proved wrong. This is can only be possible through the establishment of stronger ties with Ukraine. George Soros’ winning strategy calls for more financial assistance to Kiev. However, the assistance needs to fuse large scale budgetary aid with reasonable political risk indemnification. The private sector similarly needs to be stirred up through incentives. Besides this, radical political and economic reforms need to be implemented so that Ukraine can become a lucrative investment destination once more.

The political reforms need to be centered on a culture of honesty and independence. In addition, the media and judiciary need to be given the mandate of pinpointing and fighting corruption. Putin is afraid that such reforms can stabilize his regime. Ukraine’s allies led by the EU, need to come together and fight the political propaganda being spread by Russia. The union should learn from the mistakes it made while handling the Greek crisis. The EU needs to treat Ukraine as it topmost priority because its unity depends on how it will handle Ukraine. This will be the most effective way of strengthening ties with Kiev.

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