Bruno Fagali: Sao Paulo Attorney Leads the Fight Against Corruption

Bruno Fagali is no stranger in the legal world. His immense exploits have earned him recognition from his colleagues based on his unwavering pursuit for justice. Thus, he has become a household name and clients line up to obtain his valuable legal advice and representation on various legal matters. Bruno Fagali burst into the limelight with the development of the Corporate Integrity Program in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Formed in 2014, the Agency acts as an accountability platform that specifically monitored the conduct of practicing attorneys and companies. Despite several setbacks during its inception, the Program has successfully integrated a rigid compliance system which adopts the Anti-Corruption rules to its core. While addressing the media, Bob Vieira da Costa, the program’s founding partner, reiterated the organization’s commitment in safeguarding the ethical code of conduct practiced by lawyers across Brazil. In line with such reassurances, Mr. Vieira also stressed on the need to promoting an accurate dispensation of ethical standards in a coherent manner.

Through the stringent measures adopted, it is the Agency’s mission to detect and eliminate any form of corruption in various quarters of the economy. By successfully meeting its objectives, the CIP will have made positive strides in safeguarding the society from rampant corruption.

How it Works

The system solely operates on a set of code communicated to all current employees and trainees for immediate implementation. In addition, it is also available on nova/ sb platform with a more informative language.

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Bruno Fagali’s Professional Profile

Bruno Fagali has successfully represented clients in various legal matters pertaining to municipal law, civil liability processes, expropriation actions, injunctions and much more. His immense expertise has also been executed in Electoral Law and Anti-Corruption, with a special emphasis on administrative contracts. Bruno Fagali is a PUC/ SP alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s from the USP School of Law.

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