Sweetgreen is a One of a Kind Food Company that is all about Feeding People Healthy Food

No one would’ve ever thought that eight years ago that Georgetown undergraduates Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru would own one of the fastest growing startup in the United States less than ten years after they graduated from the University, including the three of them.

The three Georgetown grads founded Sweetgreen in 2007 with funding from 40 friends and family members. Though Sweetgreen began as a single shop in Washington, the shop has become a farm to table salad chain with shops in dozens of location across the nation. The three are still looking to further expand the business after completing three rounds of venture capital funding, totaling nearly 100 million dollars.

All three young businessmen are the sons of entrepreneurs, a trait all three believe helped them in achieving their dream. Both of Jammet’s parents have experience in the food business and are the current owners of La Caravelle Champagnes.

In an interview with Bloomberg Reserve’s Peter Elliot, Jammet attributes their idea working well when so many fail to the three’s discipline. Once the idea was fully formed Jammet says they all worked nonstop to achieve it.

Co founder Nathaniel Ru the brand’s decision to stand for something is something you don’t see ever day. According to Ru the brand is more concerned with feeding people healthy food than making money. The company goes against the grain and operates without a main headquarters. Ru says the company does this because it wants to stay close to customers and decentralize their headcount. Ru doesn’t see any reason to have a big corporate headquarters since they’ve done quite fine without one to this point.

The company is about more than just great food. As a brand Sweetgreen is also about a lifestyle and set of positive values that can help in life. That’s the business’ true key to success above anything else.

Sweetgreen is a unique blend of a food startup, tech company, and popular brand. Something that makes the company stand out from all the other food companies in the industry. In my opinion, Sweetgreen will be a around for many years to come.