Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Joins Historic Figures in the Treatment of Orthopedic Disorders

Orthopedic medicine is dedicated to treating different elements of the human skeletal system, including bones and joints. Anyone studying orthopedics will come across some famous names, including Hippocrates and Leonardo da Vinci, who have contributed to the development of the field. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a contemporary player who has in his own way greatly contributed to the treatment of orthopedic disorders.

Fossil records indicate that early humans experienced bone fractures and joint problems. Some early treatment methods were also developed during this period of time, techniques that modern humans would find as crude and even disturbing. Ancient Egyptian practices also dealt with such conditions as spinal fractures and bone dislocations. Writings on this subject by the Greek physician Hippocrates are still used for reference today.

The works of Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci helped spur interest in the human anatomy, with orthopedic medicine later becoming a medical specialty through the efforts of Nicolas Andry, a professor at the University of Paris. The development of X-rays and other modern diagnostic techniques have greatly improved the treatment of orthopedic disorders.

In the modern world of medicine, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has found his place as one of the premier orthopedic surgeons. He currently works for the Bronx Care Health System, where he serves as the chairman of the facility’s orthopedic surgery department. Having performed surgery thousands of times, he specializes in hip, knee and shoulder replacement procedures. He also has expertise in adult reconstruction-type surgery.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum earned his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and would later complete his residency training at Montefiore Medical Center, also in New York. He established the internet-based company Medscape Orthopedics before going into private practice. In addition to his medical background, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum attended the Harvard Business School, earning a certificate in health care management. Here is how this has helped him change the field of orthopedics https://chronicleweek.com/2018/10/dr-ira-kirschenbaum-explains-rise/

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been honored several times during his medical career, once winning the Vohs Award for the quality of his care. He also has served on numerous surgical committees. For more information on his achievements, you can click this link.

The changes that MB2 Dental is making in the traditional dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the one that founded MB2 Dental, with one goal in mind that he will be able to offer the best industries like sole-practitioner and corporate dentistry. He has experience in both sectors, and that’s the reason why when he started the company he had the needed knowledge of all that it took to offer the customers with the best without compromising his profession. After being in the dental industry and realizing the need for specialized assistance without the string attached, that’s when he decided that it was time to start MB2 Dental. From the time it was founded it has been of help to 70 affiliated practitioners across the six states, and the number of employees that they have is 533.

The team at the company hopes that they will be able to maintain the same trend even after years. The reason for founding the company is that Dr. Villanueva will have something that will be completely different from the rest dental practices and a company that didn’t care more about the profit margins. MB2 Dental was built to become a dentist owned company that paid attention to the personal growth of the patients, support them, and have fun at the same time. The will offer practices that will assist the patients with improving their health condition with any need that they want.

Once they have offered the innovation the result that they receive is that the practitioners are happy and the health business grows. The MB2 Dental was built with the goal that it will take care of their people and not pay any attention to the real estate and the genius marketing ideas. They are making sure that they will have the right person in each position so that to get the complete best. The team will be able to combine the skills that they have and come up with something. The team at MB2 Dental will be of the smart people who will be coming up with great ideas, and that has made an enormous difference in the company from the time it was founded.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves What She Does

Love is one of life’s most important emotions. When people feel love, they can do nearly anything in life. Such is the case for Dr. Jennifer Walden. Her entire life has been about love. As a child growing up in one of the largest cities in Texas, she was the much loved daughter of her parents. As an adult in the field of plastic surgery, she brings love to everything she’s doing now. She knows that she must adore her work and care greatly for her patients. Love is what also girds her life and gives it meaning. She loves exploring the ever changing world of plastics. She knows that she must be willing to continue learning about new techniques in order to continue to provide her patients with the loving care they truly need. As a leading exponent of the power of well performed surgery, she also knows that love and knowledge can truly transform lives.

Her Entire Life

Dr. Walden loves everything she does. She’s a single mother by choice to twin boys she loves very much. As a mom, she provides her sons with the love and care they need to grow up healthy and happy. When she speaks to patients, she also does out of a sense of her love for the incredibly amazing healing power of love that is possible with her skilled surgical hand. Her patients have been able to turn to her to help them love their own bodies. She can provide them with the means they need to feel that they really love who they are because they have gotten the help they need to feel confident and pleased about their own bodies. She loves knowing that she can help patients get great plastic surgery that will let them love themselves fully. Follow Walden

Dr. David Samadi Discusses Mitt Romney’s Prostate Cancer

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be devastating to anyone who receives one, this includes the 161,360 men that were diagnosed in 2017; including Mitt Romney the former Republican presidential nominee. According to Dr. David Samadi, Romney made the right decision when he chose surgery over radiation to treat his prostate cancer and his prognosis is good.

While Dr. David Samadi may not have performed the surgery himself, he is a board-certified Urologist and Oncologist at Lenox Hill Hospital since June 2013. He currently holds the positions of Chief of Robotic Surgery as well as Chairman of Urology; he has successfully completed nearing 7,000 surgeries that were assisted by robotics and is considered a top expert in his field. As a frequent contributor and guest on Fox News Health, he is considered one of the top experts in his field and his advice and insight is often sought after for many health related topics.

Mitt Romney is not the only politician who has experienced a diagnosis of prostate cancer and chose the surgical route for treatment. In 2002 John Kerry was diagnosed while he was running for President. Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State, also underwent surgery to remove his prostate after a positive diagnosis. The predicted prostate cancer diagnoses in 2018 is 164,690 according to the American Cancer Society.

Dr. David Samadi has received much acclaim for his achievements; he has a success rate of 90% of his patients being cancer free after his treatments. This is one of the best success rates in the industry. In fact, he created his own procedure, Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment, or SMART. He has been named one of America’s Best Doctors by Castle Connoly and is on New York Magazine’s List of Best Doctors in the United States.

The Iranian born doctor speaks about his ability to empathize with the fear of patients through his experience during the 1979 Iranian Revolution that he survived as a child before immigrating to Belgium with his brother. They then immigrated to the United States to complete their education. After majoring in Biochemistry at Stony Brook University, he earned his medical degree through their school of medicine in 1994. His residency was completed in New York, where he currently resides with his wife, at the Montefiore Medical Center.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Long List of Awards and Media Coverage is Impressive

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden is no stranger to being in the media spotlight or receiving awards for her accomplishments in medicine and her philanthropic work.

Besides her weekly show Looking Good and Living Well on ABC affiliate KVUE in Austin, Texas Dr. Walden has appeared on CBS, Fox News, VH1 and E! television networks. She also devotes her time and money to causes such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of South Central Texas, the Guardian Angel Society, Circle of Red and the Junior League of Austin’s Food in Tummies (FIT) Program.

Dr. Walden has been mentioned in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world including:

HealthCosmopolitanVogueItalianVogueVive Magazine Austin WomenAustin MD Magazine Texas MDPlastic Surgery Practice Texas Monthly, The Working LifeAustin Business Journal The New York Sun

  • Health
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Vogue
  • Italian Vogue
  • Vive Magazine
  • Austin Women
  • Austin MD Magazine
  • Texas MD
  • Plastic Surgery Practice
  • Texas Monthly, The Working Life
  • Austin Business Journal
  • The New York Sun

The list of awards and recognition Dr. Walden has received over the years includes:

Harper’s Bazaar’sAmericanWay.Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

  • One of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons 2014.
  • One of the Best Plastic Surgeons in America in 2015 as named by American Way.
  • In 2016 she was of few women ever chosen for membership in the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.
  • Winner of 2010 BMA Book Award in Surgical Specialties for co-authoring the textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2004.
  • The 1998 Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation.
  • The 1998 Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship.
  • Runner Up 2016 Woman of the Year in fundraising for the South Central Texas Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Dr. Walden currently is on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and is also their Commissioner of Communications. She also serves as the media spokesperson for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Learn more about her: http://mdmonthly.com/dr-jennifer-walden-empowering-women-personal-professional-levels/

Capitol Anesthesiology Helps Your Community Succeed in Health!

Capitol Anesthesiology serves a number of hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers within the Dallas-Ft Worth metro area. They are involved in the community with their doctors and CRNAs donating their time and skills to mission groups that serve poor areas around the world.

Some of the organizations they serve include Austin Smiles, Operation Smile, Partnerships for Children, and many more noteworthy charitable organizations that benefit from the planning and generosity of this wonderful association.

CAA also offers continuing medical education through the Dell Medical School. Imagine being able to upgrade your skill set by learning and engaging with the best of the best of professors and students from all over the world. This school has over 30 years experience in training health care professionals for the future. They also have many career opportunities and jobs listed on their website. You should not sleep on your health care needs and miss out on working with a great organization like CAA.

Follow them on Twitter @capanesth.

To learn more about anesthesiology, check this out: http://www.medpagetoday.com/anesthesiology/anesthesiology/62062