Successful Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Many young entrepreneurs, merely dream about the kind of success that Doe Deere has achieved. Some might think that success was easy for the Russian born CEO of Lime Crime. However, it took a few missteps, before she achieved true success. Deere believes that originality and following her own dream was the key to her amazing success. She is an avid supporter of other women entrepreneurs and would like them to live their own success dream. Today, women look to Doe Deere for support and encouragement to succeed. She keeps in contact with the young entrepreneurs through social media and other public events.

Russian Born Success
Surprisingly, a large number of her followers are not aware of her beginnings. Doe Deere grew up in Russia. She moved to New York, at a young age, to follow her dreams. She pursued a musical career. She achieved success in that field and met her future husband too. Doe Deere always held a passion for dazzling colors and decided to launch her own beauty line. Thanks to social media and the Internet, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime makeup line gained great notoriety and success.

Lime Crime Beginnings
Lime Crime was born out of her favorite color. At one time, it was the name of her fashion line on eBay. However, Deere decided to use the same name for her new makeup line. She launched the beauty products back in 2008. Her makeup line is filled with the type of bold and exciting colors that were missing in other makeup lines. Fortunately, the world was filled with women just like Doe Deere who preferred colors that dazzled instead of colors that merely faded into the background. Certainly, Doe Deere is one very creative individual. She is also a hands on type of CEO. She is involved with every phase of makeup creation. She relates that she likes to test every product personally, before releasing it to the market.

Lime Crime Future
Doe Deere is one very successful entrepreneur that carved a name for herself in the beauty industry. Deere relates that she is also very excited about the future. Today, e-commerce is changing the way that people shop for products. This trend is making a definite impact on the beauty industry and beauty products. In fact, Lime Crime was one of the first makeup companies to focus on Internet sales. Deere believes that this trend will continue well into the future. Thus, making it a bit easier for the new entrepreneur to start up their own enterprise. Certainly, shoppers like shopping online because it is a very interactive experience today. In addition, shopping online is a time saver and much more convenient for the average shopper.

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Dr. Walden Comes Right Back To Austin

The city of Austin, Texas is one of the most sought after destinations in Texas. This city very much manages to combine the diversity and attractions of a larger place with all the comforts and friendliness of a small town. That is very much why Dr. Jennifer Walden, one of the nation’s foremost plastic surgeons has come right back to her hometown. As she tells Austin MD Magazine, she knows that she returns to a place that is the ideal place to have a practice and raise kids as well. She comes right back here so she can be with her loving family and yet reach out to a large community that offers her a patient base that has come to rely on her personalized services.

A Classic Education

Dr. Walden is all about being able to provide services for her many happy patients. When growing up in the Austin area, she repeatedly found that biology was something she loved. She was able to take her skills in this field and major in biology at the University of Texas. While there, she realized that the field of medicine was a field she could make her own. She began to consider applying to medical school. After she was wait listed, she vowed to make medicine her own passion. It was in medical school that realized her own skill, graduating second in her class and earning the respect of her classmates.

Putting It All Together

It was while in New York City that Walden came to realize just how much she loved her own hometown. She began to see that it would be ideal for her to return back home and start a practice in this area. She quickly came back and brought her twin boys with her. In the last few years, it has all come together for her.


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Shea Butter: From Africa With a Purpose

Dairy butter is an incredible product. It not only is delicious on bread and toast but nothing is better for cooking and when placed on top of roasted corn or hot vegetables it amplifies and enriches the natural tastes. It, also, has a property that amazes; put butter in a refrigerator and it becomes as hard as wood, set it on the table, and it softens to a spreadable consistency, but do not let it be exposed to heat because at above 90 degrees Fahrenheit it loses its spreadable consistency and melts to a liquid.

Cocoa butter and Shea butter are both produced from nuts of their unique tree species. Again the spreadable quality, like dairy butter, when used commercially is an important consideration. Claims were made about the skin healing benefits of cocoa butter, but research rendered cocoa butter’s health claims of no benefit. Now Shea butter has boldly entered the picture, and with a history dating back to the Egyptian Pharaohs and Cleopatra and a motivated Harvard-educated entrepreneur at the helm the future for the product looks bright.

Shea butter is being promoted again for its moisturizing skin effects. One group in Africa, EuGenia Shea, is developing the product for the world market in a new round of use as a skin conditioner and a hair moisturizer which African women have been using for millennia as protection against the hot winds and scorching sun found in the African deserts and savannahs.

The benefits of shea butter for protecting and moisturizing skin and hair will need to be tested and proved by American standards or in the absence of health and beauty claims the product will depend on the advertising efforts of the company and be dependent on the whims and fancies of the marketplace.

Breaking The Rules Doesn’t Always Lead To Destruction

There are rules for just about fashion and make up that ought to be considered. However, there is this bold and bright lady, Doe Deere, who thinks that rules are meant to be broken. On the other hand, I see no harm in doing so if it adds some style to my outfit. Some of the rules to break are as mentioned.

Not wearing a bold lip with bright eyes and vice versa is one of the rules. However, it can be a creative look if done cautiously and artistically. For instance, putting on a bold glittery blue with bright lipstick can be the order of the day. There is another rule that forbids putting on too many colors. Instead, there is the assembling of various shades and putting them together to come up with an outstanding look.

When it comes to patterns, too many individuals prefer to wear just one. On the other hand, Doe Deere loves to mix and match different patterns in a way that not only pleases the eye but also confuses it. Deere is an addict of both socks and tights hence making it quite a task to put on anything without throwing on a pair. Her love of color allows her to pick shoes and socks that are of a contrast toe to add color to the look.

Another rule is that with colored hair, you can only put on black or any other neutral color. This rule seems to portray the ability of fashion to stand color and personality. However, she advises that you can put on certain colors that suit the shade of your hair color. The rule on dressing your age does not apply to Deere. She believes that if you like it, no matter the age, wear it.

Doe Deere is one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs who owns Lime Crime, which is a bold and creative brand of makeup. Since she was young, she has always loved color whether it was through her clothes or accessories or even her mom’s make-up. At nine years old Deere had a sleepover with her friends, and this is where the light was rekindled. In 2004, she started an eBay store that she named Lime Crime since it rhymed with her best color. From here, it was all about breaking all the fashion rules.