Lime Crime Makeup for the Summer Season

Lime Crime is a makeup company that offers beautiful, trendy makeup for everyone. They have many different makeup types ranging from foundation, to lipstick, to eyeshadow palette’s.

Lime Crime highlighter palettes come in three’s; they range from subtle to very bright. Such as Lime Crime’s ‘Angles’ palette, has light shades that are good for if you just want to have a subtle, glimmery look yet are not natural shades so they still stand out. The ‘Opals’ palette has more rosy, softer tones for another subtle look. Lime Crime’s ‘Unicorn’ highlighter palette has bright colors that stand out a lot for a more vibrant look.

Lime Crime also has eyeliner that has extra precision tools to help perfect the winged look or any other look one might be trying to achieve.

Lime Crime also has eyeshadow palettes: Venus, Venus 2, and Venus xl. The Venus palettes all range in colors. Venus xl has more romantic colors revolving around shades of pink, purple and glittery. While Venus 2 has a variety from colors like blue to orange.

Lime Crime’s Plushies lipstick line has a long-wearing formula so that it lasts all day. The goal behind this Plushies line is to make the lips look ‘soft and plushy’ and to have it last all day long, so one does not have to reapply it. The colors range from bright and deep colors, to nude colors that just enhance the natural lip color. Such as ‘Melon Smoothie’ which has a peachy nude tone, while ‘Jam’ is a deep red color to make the lips stand out a bit more.

Lime Crime also offers cruelty-free and vegan makeup. They do not use animals to test their products on , nor do they use animals by-products such as beeswax. They are even certified by PETA for this. Vegan makeup is beneficial is it promotes the environment and keeps animals healthy and free of harm.