Brides Should Conside OVME To Present Their Best Self On That Special Day

Everyday a bride wants to look her best, especially on the actual day they become a bride. Brides must be careful not to let the stress of planning a wedding get in the way of them looking their best. They figure makeup and hair will make everything go away but stress can also show up on your skin and in your body. Brides should get the best on their wedding day but that also means feeling the best. To prep for their inner health they should let Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME properly prepare them for greatness.

What Is OVME

OVME was created by Dr. Mark McKenna. It is a retail medical aesthetic that bridges brides with healthcare professionals. Brides are welcome to enjoy the mobile platform or they can try the retail boutique shops. No matter what the bride chooses, they will get high-end minimally invasive cosmetic services. Dr. Mark McKenna has put a skilled team together who can offer solutions to treat stressed and tired skin and body. They know how to identify the details and stay open and honest with the bride to achieve the best results.

OVME Background

OVME was created in 2017. It is focused on consumers and driven by technology. It allows Dr. Mark McKenna to use a combination of his entrepreneurial background and his medical training. He attended Tulane University Medical School as a medical doctor. Even though he has been successful and licensed in a couple states, he does not deny the hard work he had to put in to get where he is today.

Why Medical And Business

Dr. Mark McKenna remembers when physicians had nice things and lots of money. He watched is father as a doctor go through the struggles and battles with billing and reimbursement issues. He started investing in real estate at the same time he was in medical school. Real estate must have been a smart insurance plan. He realized he was a natural entrepreneur and started utilizing his medical skills to make additional money on the side. He used the profits from his work to fund his real estate investments and kept growing his business.

OG Juan Celebrates His 50th Birthday

Juan Perez is known to many as OG Juan. The Roc Nations Owner remarkably celebrated his 50th birthday. Accompanying him to the party was the highly celebrated music icon, JazZ. The hip-hop star was amongst the many celebrity figures who graced the moment.

Jay-Z has been a close friend and business partner to OG Juan for a long time.

Jay-Z celebrated the birthday of his close ally in an extraordinary way. The star did not only show up, but he also contributed an extravagant $ 113,000 to cater for the occasion’s celebrations.

It was a successful day for OG Juan who had friends and fans at large celebrate his special day. Many of his guests traveled from far carrying gifts for him. The love was overwhelming.

OG Juan and Jay-Z’s close links date back to as early as 1996. The duo met through one of their mutual friends. Their friendship developed from that point, and the two have since become partners in business and best friends.

Jay-Z and OG Juan established Roc Nation Sports, a firm that is mainly focused on developing talented athletes in the entertainment Industry. Since its inception, Roc Nations has been able to identify and establish hundreds of artists. The duo pump funds into the firm to ensure its smooth running.

The immense success of the firm is attributed to the efforts of its founders. Their dedication to the firm has ensured that worthy artists are reached without discrimination. Roc Nations doesn’t receive external funding as it is a benevolent organization geared towards developing music talents in the society.

OG Juan’s birthday had a reason for celebration, and his foundation has contributed to notable icons in the studio rooms and field tracks. Many people who attended the party appreciated him for launching a model that looks into the individual talents of its trainees.

Glen Wakeman Continues to Make Impressive Business Moves

Glen Wakeman is an extremely successful board member, small business owner, executive, mentor and investor. His management experience spans over 20 years, and Wakeman has a passion for building businesses and improving the function of companies.


Glen Wakeman is currently the president and founder of Nova Four, a business that is dedicated to offering pointers and access to capital to companies that are just getting on their feet. Wakeman is also a business coach, and gives company owners practical tips for improving their revenues. He has worked with a number of entrepreneurs through his startup,, which provides online business planning and digital marketing to customers (ForexWizard.Biz).


Glen spent more than 20 years working with GE Capital in challenging leadership positions for general and operations management and business development. He has also lived and worked in both international markets in the United States to provide hands-on leadership. Wakeman was previously the CEO of Latin America’s GE Money, where he had a hand in building a startup that involved 9 countries, 17,000 employees and $2 billion in revenue. These are just some of the reasons he has been recognized as a Growth Leadership role model by the GE Board of Directors.


Glen Wakeman is a graduate of the University of Chicago, where he received his MBA. He also has a BS in Economics and Finance that he obtained from the University of Scranton, and is Sigma Black Belt certified.


Wakeman shares that his typical day consists of looking at the progress and setbacks of the previous day, before getting in touch with his business partner so that the team can set up sales meetings and improve the designs and marketing tactics of businesses if need be. He also spends a significant portion of his day responding to customer inquiries and making sure that the products and services that his companies offer accurately meet customer needs (


Why Stream Energy Is Redefining Your Sources Of Integration

Today’s use of integration can mean a number of things.


The sources of energy we use are often looked at as separate functions that we have to pay for. The advances of Stream Energy as a service provider is changing how we look at the energy consumption of our lives and of modern society. The fact is, we need energy, but understanding how it works is how we effectively use the services available to us.


Stream gathers together a number of daily services that include wireless technologies, monitoring capacities and quick notifications to substantially improve your life. Energy is a source of power in society that’s meant to be used, and there’s no better way to apply it than with the collection of services you can uncover through Stream technology (


Being Part Of A Larger World


The reason this agency stands as a pioneer to something so common-place like energy is because it takes the new wireless structure we have in the world and redefines how we use it. Just imagine speaking to your doctor without having to visit them. Imagine keeping track of your personal data with technology that keeps counterfeiters at bay.


All of these processes are possible because of the innovations that Stream has brought to modern industry. Innovation is important as this agency takes an infrastructure that we’ve had for years and decides to leverage it in a manner that provides you with peaked performance and access to usable help wherever you go.


This company expands what’s possible with the energy you consume.


The Advance Usage Of Energy We Have


Energy can be used in a number of ways. The first consideration we have deals with the services that a stream of energy enable. When agencies like Stream Energy leverage their infrastructure, you can bypass the many middlemen you have to deal with when using basic technology. These complications are bypassed because of consolidation.


Consolidation in this manner means that with one service provider, you have access to phone services, emergency medical services, security monitoring and data security. The reason that these are possible is because Stream congregates every electrical function we use in society and offers them in one place and in one simple package you won’t get confused by.

Stream Energy’s Support Aids Recovery In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

In August 2017, when Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, leaving several feet of floodwater in the streets, thousands were left without power. Worse, over 30,000 people have lost their homes. The recovery effort will take years to repair the damages caused by the storm (PayMyBill). Seeing this destruction, the Dallas based company Stream Energy has stepped up to help with these efforts in several ways.


Stream Energy provided simple relief to them over 127,000 customers in the region by waiving late fees from the end of August through the early days of September. They also waived late fees for their wireless customers, so that everyone could concentrate on cleaning up, and getting back to normal in the aftermath of the emergency. Stream also made a generous $25,000 donation to the American Red Cross and coordinated the collection of further donations on their behalf. Their direct sales associates started a crowdfunded campaign to help other independent associates in the area, and the company offered to match those donations up to another $25,000. Stream also provided support by taking in donations of food and supplies for the victims.


Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is a retail energy services provider, specializing in a unique direct sales model. In the 12 years since their founding, Stream has generated over $8 billion in revenue and has grown to reach customers in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, Illinois, and most recently Delaware. Stream Energy provides clean energy to their customers, through sources such as wind, solar, and other renewable options ( They also provide wireless phones and plans throughout the nation, and other services such as identity theft protection.


The donations for Hurricane Harvey are not their first philanthropic efforts, and certainly not their last. Stream Energy operates both Stream Cares, and the Stream Cares Foundation, which focuses on helping the homeless throughout the United States. They regularly partner with the Dallas non-profit Hope Co., by collecting donations and sponsoring events to aid homeless children throughout Texas.

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Dr. Jorge Moll, Founder of IDOR, Teaches and Lectures

Dr. Jorge Moll, head of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is an internationally recognized neurologist with over two decades of research and clinical experience. He has devoted his entire career to research and education in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics and is the head of this division at the D’Or Institute for Research & Education.


With an extensive education in neurological sciences, Dr. Jorge Moll has gone on to clinical practice but followed his dream in research and education by founding the D’Or Institute for Research & Education where he has taken on several important roles.



Dr. Moll is the original founder and current CEO of the D’Or Institute for Research & Education, but he also heads several of the other departments in the Institute. He is a graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and completed his degree in Neurology from the same university. Later obtaining a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the São Paulo University medical division.


His work has led to several awards and distinctions which include the Research Fellow NIH Award from 2004 to 2007 ( He is an elected member of the Brazilian Academy of São Paulo University sciences division (2008) and a member of the elected governor’s board for International neuroethics board. Another distinctive award he holds is the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience Institute at Stanford University (2015)


Besides working at the D’Or Institute for Research & Education, Dr. Moll also remains active with lectures and research ( He lectures extensively on Neurology and is engaged in ongoing clinical care for people with neurological problems. He incorporates his knowledge, education and modern practices in his writings, speaking events and the overall management of the D’Or Institute for Research & Education.


Anthony Petrello: A Giving Man

This article will give information regarding Tony Petrello. Recently, Petrello has been given great amounts of money. For example, he recently donated to research initiative $5 million. He also plans to give two million more in the future. But, that’s not all he’s planning on doing, he also has a commitment to lead fundraising efforts for the same cause as before.

This donating mood was inspired by his young eight-year-old daughter Carena. She has a condition with her brain which makes it more challenging to learn the things kids learn in their young ages. When she was born she weighed 20 ounces and was born sixteen weeks before the given due date. She was diagnosed from the doctors with periventricular leukomalacia. It is a disease given in babies born early, it’s caused when the brain isn’t receiving enough blood flow. This results in a low amount of oxygen that caused her to get cerebral palsy and to experience delays in her development.

Read more: Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation

Tony had studied the issue for many months. His conclusion regarding the issue was that the kids with the disorder required transatlantic research. It wasn’t done on the scale Tony thought it needed to be. The brain research being done on children was not included. Tony was really all in with finding out to determine how the neurological disorders form in children. With that in mind he gave $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Nabors works for Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR), the operator and owner of the largest land-based drilling rig fleet. He also leads in providing drilling rigs offshore in different international markets and the United States. He has a top skilled workforce which continues to set modern standards for operational excellence and changes our industries too.

Tony is the chief executive, president, and chairman of Nabors Industries. He is in the oil business, as an oil-field service company and contract driller. Over the years he has received a great determination for acquisitions. Also, ever since he became CEO the share price of neighbors has been close to 180%.

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The Rise to the CEO of the Year, Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has been the recipient of the CEO of the year award. The ceremony’s host was One PlanetSM award which honors business and professional excellence of the industry. One PlanetSM recognizes all companies be it private or public entities. The ceremony celebrates companies that have displayed exceptional excellence in their discipline. The award considers all the companies in the world.

Troy McQuagge demonstrated his humility by dedicating the award to the workforce of USHEALTH group. He explained that the company’s success has primarily been to the organization collective effort to solve challenges in health care while providing cheap solutions for all the clients.

Troy McQuagge hails from the Panama City, Florida. He finished with a B.A degree from the University of Central Florida. Tony previously worked I the United Insurance Company where his expertise earned him an executive position in the organization. The organization later rebranded to Health Markets, to which he was named the president. While at the helm of leadership, he turned the tides of the group. He was able to increase the turnover of the company’s profit with record-breaking margins. In his administration, the organization managed to bag the sales organization of the year, sponsored by selling power magazine. After a successful stint at HM, he moved to USHEALTH group.Inc where he served as the president and chief executive officer. He has since risen to the CEO of the organization .since his promotion as the president; the agency has enjoyed consisted growth in some sales. The consistency has elevated the group to the giant status it currently enjoys.

Troy extensive experience in the financial sector has led him to be in the thick of the growth of the two largest insurance companies in the United States. Tony has the experience of over three decades, working in the insurance, sales, marketing, management and leadership positions. Regarding his area of specialty, his career can be defined to be broad.

Throughout his career, Tony has been responsible in ensuring clients receive the best insurance covers at affordable rates. He has also personified the services to provide each client has his/her tailor-made plan. These specialized services have been fundamental to his success.

Troy McQuagge recognizes the efforts of the community through participating in philanthropic opportunities and various charities. Read more about Meghan Natural Health at


Mark Sparks; the great entrepreneurial thinker

Timber Creek Capital is a private entity company that is specialized in helping ideas convert their ideas to success. The procedure for starting and running a business starts with creating a business model and acquiring the required resources to ensure the business success. Mr. Mark Sparks explains further that with the design of Timber Creek Capital, they can harbor three different companies in their facility and at the same time providing an extensive incubation period. As an accomplished entrepreneur he thinks that conducive and collaborative surrounding constitutes of up to 25% of the ingredients of success. Being an owner of multiple successful companies, this successful entrepreneur says there is a special flow within an office which is required to amplify collaboration and output. His company Timber Creek Capital, LP is as a result of 35 years’ experience. This self-made CEO manages a handful of companies and at the same time providing mentorship to those that need it. He also made it possible for people to access resources like banking, capital, marketing, and even capital. Learn more:


Mr. Sparks says that his passion is mainly to assist young entrepreneurs to build not only their dreams but also their companies to a critical mass through his experience. He adds that the main reason for the success of Timber Creek Capital, LP is very successful is because it takes on ideas of young entrepreneurs and transforms them to active business models. Mark Sparks is a known philanthropist who also gets thrilled by the idea of helping other people reach the levels that he has attained. He is an active funder to charitable circles like The American Can, Samaritan Inn and ultimately Habitat for Humanity. According to him, success is not based on luck but rather sheer planning and years of hard work. His entrepreneurial spirit has seen him venture into some businesses the current one being telecommunication. His strategy might be a highly speculative one, but he has been giving capital to start businesses that look like they could have a great future which has, by the way, worked for him over the years. Learn more:


Being an author, he has published a book named They Can’t Eat You which is also a big seller. The book is made up of motivations and amazing tips concerning the business world. It has helped numerous people get out of their fear and storm into the world of investments. Positive attitude and belief in God have seen him through the turbulence and calmness of his career through the years. His story is one of success coming from a C average high school student to being among the most respected business men on the globe. He recently launched Marketing Sparks which a new program set to give entrepreneurs the chance to work with experts. That way they will develop themselves on a much better financial platform at the front-end of the business development procedure. Learn more:


The Surprising Success Of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Launched during a time when many consumers were turning their backs on the bottled water industry, Waiakea Water managed to grow 4,000 percent in its first three years. By taking several socially responsible initiatives, the company has seen enormous success while setting new standards in the bottled beverage industry.

When founder and CEO Ryan Emmons was only 22, he launched his company with the intention of revolutionizing the bottled water product. What he managed to create was a product that is sustainable, friendly to the environment and highly ethical.

The actual product is exceptionally nutritious as well. Waiakea water comes from the Waiakea Springs that are adjacent to the active Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The water picks up high levels of essential electrolytes like sodium, calcium and magnesium as it flows down thousands of feet of volcanic rock. The water is also rich in silica, a mineral that promotes digestive health and improves immune function.

The region in which the volcano is located sees extremely high rainfall. Therefore, the water is incredibly sustainable. In fact, the water that Emmons takes from the springs is naturally replenished after only 30 days.

Waiakea Water is also highly charitable. Emmons partnered with Pump Aid, an organization that sends clean drinking water to underprivileged nations around the world. With the help of the organization, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water donates 650 liters of clean water to a nation in need for every liter of the water purchased by a consumer.

Additionally, the company has put significant effort into being as friendly to the environment as possible. The bottles are made of completely recycled materials and the manufacturing process is the first of its kind to be certified carbon neutral. According to Emmons, it takes 85 percent less energy to create Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water than it does the products of his competitors.

Because of Emmons’ commitment to creating a socially responsible product, the brand has seen remarkable success since its launch in 2012. Today, consumers can find Waiakea Water in thousands of stores across America. Clearly, today’s consumers care about products that take ethical and environmental initiatives.

Learn more about Waiakea Water: