How Mike Baur and Inc. Plans To Rethink Startup Mentoring to Young Kids

Imagine a space filled with all the right resources to enable you to start your startup for free? How cool is that? Well, the rich Swiss banker went ahead and used his wealth and connections to set up Geneva’s first ever code academy. Studies have shown that most startups fail because they lack the proper stewardship to assist with the decision making process.


The second culprit to blame for the closing up of many businesses is the finance. Baur anticipated all these concerns and then went ahead to come up with just the right solution. It involved pooling together consultants from the finance, legal, and the marketing worlds.


The premises commissioned and build by Mike Baur surpass anything you’ve ever witnessed. Clients get offered ample offices and other working provisions. Most importantly, this collection of like-minded individuals is what often triggers brilliant innovation. Sharing and collaboration are highly encouraged by the tutors over at the new-age entrepreneurial college.


Networking Opportunity


Tech developers can meet up to present their assessment and progresses with a particular project. Additionally, the aspiring startup investors get taken through an intense course on how to handle the finances of the business. Here one gets schooled on how to monetize the project optimally and how to leverage your entire portfolio in anticipation of growth ahead.


Startups bearing Mike Bauer’s Touch


Judging by the score sheets, it seems apparent that Mike Baur and Inc. aren’t doing so bad after all. The firm has done an incredible job in helping nurture and launch close to a dozen successful software companies. These include Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beacons mind.


Mike is a fervent believer of empowering the youth. The investor didn’t always use to mentor fresh computer science graduates at the headquarters of the Swiss Start-Up Factory in Geneva. He does it with great delight. To him, molding and shaping the future generations of investors and entrepreneurs is the best accomplishment ever. He is also a member of a few other Swiss registered charities and philanthropic organizations.


About Mike Baur


Mike, 42, is an accomplished Swiss banker heading one of the largest private banking reputed companies like UBS. He is the recipient of a two MBA’s from the universities of Rochester (New York) and Bern. He runs a vibrant ICT hub bringing together talents from all corners of the nation, the continent and indeed the world.

Construcap Understands The Real Estate Market In Brazil

One of the most popular industries in the business world is the real estate industry. There are many reasons why the real estate industry is popular on One of the main reasons is because real estate is something that most people either want to purchase or sell at some point in their lifetime. Real estate is a common part of everyday life. The need for a place to live or property to maintain affects almost everyone.

As a result, the real estate industry is constantly in motion. Real estate is sold or purchased on a daily basis in almost every city. The size of the city is not the major factor in the number of real estate sales because every city always has people looking to purchase or sell real estate on In Brazil, real estate is huge. The real estate market is booming with real estate in many areas going for top dollar.

In Brazil, local citizens and people who look to visit Brazil impact the real estate market. People are looking to buy and sell real estate in Brazil for numerous reasons. As a popular vacation and tourist area, Brazil has a real estate market that is looked at around the world. This interest on has a favorable affect on the real estate prices in Brazil. Real estate in Brazil is competed against around the world.

A major real estate company in Brazil is Construcap. The company provides a variety of real estate services, but its main service revolves around construction. Construcap is a company that handles a wide array of construction projects. From major projects to smaller projects, Construcap provides a high level of service for all its clients. Construcap uses the Integrated Management Systems regarding development processes.

In addition, Construcap manages projects in both the private and public sectors. The company schedules projects on a continuous basis, and Construcap implements projects on a set schedule. An important part of the projects that Construcap handles concerns the environment. As a company that cares about the environment at, Construcap takes great care in completing projects in a manner that is best for its clients and the environment.


InnovaCare is one of the leading providers of managed healthcare services headquartered at Fort Lee, New Jersey. It provides access to quality healthcare via its two primary avenues of care namely Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs.

InnovaCare redefines healthcare management by meeting the day to day challenges of the modern day complex healthcare environment. Also, InnovaCare and its subsidiaries are visionary in that they build sustainable models of managed healthcare. These models are coordinated, cost-effective, quality- driven and innovative.

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InnovaCare continues to grow under the capable leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto who serves as the President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. He has more than 20years of clinical and operational healthcare experience in managed care. Before joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto served as President and CEO of Aveta, Inc., from2008 until its sale in 2012. While at Aveta, Inc., he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in June 2012.

Dr. Shinto has in the past worked for NAMM California where he was the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company where he served both as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer and Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners among many other organizations. Dr. Shinto is a seasoned leader in the field of healthcare and has authored several articles on health care and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides who is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. has more than 20years of healthcare experience dealing with government programs, and the managed care industry. Kokkinides served as Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare, Chief Operating Officer of Aveta, Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Centerlight Healthcare. Before rejoining InnovaCare in June 2015, she was the COO of Touchstone Health and Corporate Deputy President for Care Management and Disease Management at Americhoice.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope Kokkinides attributed her success as a leader and entrepreneur to staying updated on current information in the industry as well as being organized and structured. She was very appreciative of the team she works with at InnovaCare.

In August last year, InnovaCare announced its participation in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. According to the InnovaCare president, Dr. Shinto, this would help the company to build stronger patient- provider relationships within its network. “This announcement signifies our organization’s commitment to move the healthcare industry forward’” said Dr. Shinto.

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Mike Baur is one of the corporate men in Swiss. Baur was awarded a bachelor’s degree in applied science majoring in finance and banking. He then got a master’s degree in business administration at Rochester University. He has also been awarded an executive MBA from Bern. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and likes mentoring the youths to be great entrepreneurs.

He is one of the founders of the organization known as Swiss start-up factory. Before that, he had been working in various banks for more than 20 years. The banks include the UBS as well as the Clariden Leu. He then resigned so as to start investing in startup firms. In 2014 he founded the Swiss startup factory together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He saw that the young people have great ideas but don’t have ways of implementing them. He thus decided to provide a road to educate the youth on creating digital business opportunities

The Swiss startup factory is concerned with the flourishing digital business persons. The program takes three months. They provide mentoring programs to the entrepreneurs as well as training them. They also offer reasonable prices for the office spaces and office equipment. In the office space, they have incorporated items such as free wifi, Nespresso bar, lunch room, fitness room, welcome area and film studio. Their mission is to give the young entrepreneurs professional knowledge that aids them in their business life. It also aims at making the young business persons in Switzerland to become more ambitious. They are also introduced to the entrepreneurs operating locally and internationally to offer them various business opportunities that aids in their intellectual growth.

Mike Baur understands the need for educating the new business persons. He argues that business is the economy’s backbone as well as its prospects. This start-up factory trains both the male and female entrepreneurs. Their requirement is just the willingness to heed to the instructions given. Another requirement is having a decent business plan. The startup factory also recommends efforts by the young entrepreneurs to implement the various strategies presented.


Why Copa Star Is Riding On International Platform

Over the years, many countries across the world have been investing in providing better healthcare to its citizens. This has led to improved living standards due to better provision of healthcare. Many healthcare centers have also been set up across the world and have improved in provision of good healthcare. Copa Star is a recognized hospital that was established in Brazil and has been providing specialized treatment. The hospital was established immediately after the world cup due to the rising demand that was witnessed in the country during the tournament period. The hospital works on the principle of providing comfort and luxury to the patient during the treatment process. This is evident with the good and spacious hospital rooms that have been fitted with modern appliances. Copa Star hospital has opened a networking system of hospitals opening over 22branches offering specialized treatment to clients. This has resulted to increased number of clients moving from other hospital and seeking modern and advanced medical services in the Copa Star. The hospital has invested heavily in the admission and recruitment of qualified physicians and professional medical personnel that have been at the center of transforming the healthcare provision. The hospital has upgraded the recruitment system allowing for the employment of qualified, experienced and well vetted doctors that have been in the practice for long.

Copa Star has invested heavily in providing enhanced neurosurgery and cardiac treatment that has seen the incorporation of modern surgical equipment proved to be accurate. This has contributed in reduced number of fatalities associated with these diseases. The hospital staff is trained and dedicated towards ensuring that patients receive utmost attention, care, treatment that is always personalized. They strive in combining treatment with comfort and luxury of the patient which is not rare in other hospitals. Copa Star has invested in the construction of modern houses and building that are furnished with modern equipment with enhanced comfort.

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The hospital has been at the center of technological advancement through the provision of modern equipment. The equipment are integrated in the hospital’s infrastructure development, through this process, they have been able to provide technological assistance in medical provision. They have invested in new screening machines and diagnosis equipment that help in detecting and treating many chronic diseases. Despite dwelling on comfort and luxury for the patient, they have remained steadfast in their sole responsibility which primarily is treating patients. They however say that the luxury is an accompanying factor that enables patients feel at home after treatment. The hospital room are made to conceal high level privacy by having door facing away from the general public. The hospital rooms are also designed to accommodate all types of patients regardless of the social status. This has attracted many people including celebrities to visit the hospitals for treatment. Check out Copa Star on Facebook.

Anthony Petrello’s Journey as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello’s experience as chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries has been anything but a smooth ride. He was appointed CEO in October 2011 and has worked tirelessly ever since to steer the company in the right direction. He began his career as an associate at a law firm in New York but later moved to the oil and gas industry. Having worked with Nabors for more than 20 years, Anthony Petrello has extensive experience and expertise in the industry and is therefore well suited for his position as CEO.

Anthony’s experience as CEO

Anthony Petrello has faced a lot of challenges since his appointment as CEO of Nabors Industries. He has made a lot of changes to the company and has had to make very difficult decisions, but all these were in the company’s best interests. For instance, he had to lay off more than 3000 employees due to the poor performance of the U.S. oil industry. This was at a time when many U.S. oil companies were abandoning their operations because the industry was no longer as lucrative as it used to be. Many of the players in the industry suffered huge losses and had to make drastic changes to their operations, as was the case with Nabors.

Anthony also has to consider the needs and demands of all stakeholders and find a way to achieve a balance and keep them all satisfied. This was evident when he accepted a significant pay cut for both himself and other executives at the company to meet shareholders’ demands. His remuneration is mainly in the form of equity and this helps to keep him focused on the company’s performance as it directly affects his income.


Anthony Petrello is very passionate about his job. He does not let his personal life affect his job. He has an 8-year-old daughter, Carena, with Cynthia Petrello who suffers from a serious neurological condition, but he does not let this affect his performance at work. His position comes with a lot of challenges, but the fulfillment that comes with seeing the company perform well is what keeps him going. He has fostered a culture of excellence in the company, always having their clients’ best interests at heart. Leading a company requires someone who has all their wits about them; one who is able to conquer all the challenges of the company, and Mr. Anthony Petrello is just that.


Property Reports Made Easy—Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing has worked towards responding to action calls that prompted for the availability of online review process for the titles. According to the company, they have developed an online title ordering process that lets you access titles through an online ordering application form. For this reason, you can find the property titles accessible through their online website.


One of the major causes of concern in the real estate industry is the title defects. They have caused an incomprehensible amount of loss in the industry traction process. In the recent past, they have also worked to reduce the sales rate of properties in the United States. For some people, they pity themselves because they feel they become the cause of incomplete transaction processes. On the other hand, others have also worked to see themselves feel that they are the main causes of the wrongful foreclosures in the real estate environment. For this reason, they have all fallen prey to work towards the stagnation of what would otherwise be called a smooth transaction process. Within the secondary market, they have also worked to determine the best ways to make these processes seamless.


According to the company executives, they have worked to provide the property records. This is because they are the key to seamless process transactions that encompasses the relaying of property titles in the conveyance. For this reason, they are here to reduce the buyback risks associated with real estate properties. In the recent past, most of these properties have undergone foreclosures. Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading document-processing and Research Company in the United States. The company has worked to serve the financial and mortgage industries through taking steps to make the process of securing property titles seamless and simple. For this reason, they have made efforts to launch an updated website that allows you to order a property title through the online platform. Moreover, properties will now be accessed through their online platform.


While there are any other causes of title defects, there are more common ways in which one can fall prey of the title defects. One of the biggest ways is when a person lays claim to a title which does not belong to them. This title defect can also have the inclusion of the most severe factors to render it invalid.


  1. Previous encumbrances and liens associated with the property title. If they have not been removed, they would certainly affect the validity of the title. For this reason, ensure that the title is encumbrances free.
  2. Failure to record the filing or recording procedures when recording the property documents. This is also another major cause of concern.

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New Visionary Leadership at Capital Group, Inc

Timothy Armour sits at the helm of Capital Group, Inc as the company Chairman and CEO and also as the Director and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. According to, the Los Angeles, California based multinational company was established in 1931. The entity operates offices in different continents, including the Americas, Europe and Asia. The firm’s solid investment portfolio coupled with the input of a solid management team and workforce has seen the firm grow into one of the largest investment management firms globally, with about $1.4 trillion assets under its management.

The privately held entity targets high net worth investors in the US and internationally with a variety of products and services. For over 3 decades, Tim Armour has built a reputation as an astute portfolio manager with extensive investment experience. During the market selloff of 2015, Tim was asked about his views.

According to an excerpt published on the Capital Group website, Tim noted that the Global selloff was due to investor unease about China’s slowing economic growth. The concerns were heightened by a sharp decline in Chinese stocks and unexpected currency devaluation. The shock news sent jitters across the markets, sparking a major selloff.

China’s intention was to lower the interest rates and ease the reserve requirements on financial institutions in order to stimulate the economy and reassure investors. Tim Armour and the Capital Group’s Rob Lovelace, the President of Capital Research and Management Company noted that China is a huge global economy, accounting for about 15% of the world’s GDP. The problem could have been worse, were it not for lower commodity and oil prices that persisted at the time. With regards to the US, Tim said the market correction was expected after a 6 year bull run in much of the world.

The team at the helm of Capital Group, Tim Armour, Rob Lovelace and Equity Portfolio Manager, Darcy Kopcho continues to receive accolades from various quarters for their sterling job. In an article published on the Creditor Weekly, independent investment analyst Janet Yang gave Capital Global an A rating for maintaining an enduring franchise that has seen the company’s assets and staff grow exponentially. The company controls assets worth more than $1 trillion and employs over 7,000 people. She added that the long term portfolio managers had helped the firm’s greatly after spending their entire careers at the company.

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Malini Saba’s Investment Career

Malini Saba is one of the female leaders in the business industry whose achievement and contributions cannot go unnoticed. Originally, she is from South-Asia. It is my view that she is one of the successful female investors and philanthropist. Saba established Saban, an investment company that focuses on technology companies in the United States. The firm has invested in real estate’s in both Australia and India. It has also huge shareholdings in oil and gas in China. I believe that because of her success and accumulated wealth, she has been in a position to donate for various courses.

 Malini Saba founded “Stree”, a non-profit company whose main role is to change how women that earn low income and are vulnerable perceive themselves in society. Through Stree, It is my hope that women and children have benefited from services such as health care and legal empowerment. The company has also offered women with a platform where grassroots movement can be in touch with the public policy in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and India.

Bill Clinton, the former U.S. President and Noor, the Queen of Jordan, inaugurated the organization. I believe that in the spirit of giving back to the society, Malini donated $1 million to be used in the construction of the first Health center in the world. It was constructed at El Camino Hospital, which is in Mountain View, CA. In 2004, Malini toured the different regions that were hard hit by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and India. During this tour, Malini pledged $10 million to support the affected individuals. This information was originally mentioned on Huffington Post.

 Malini began her investment career at Silicon Valley. Here, she was working as a venture capitalist. She gained extensive experience in the field. Through advice and insights about investments, she managed to invest in over 20 technology firms. These companies included Sycamore Networks, Inc., Netscreen Technologies and PayPal Inc.

Malini is a proud alumnus of the University of Western Australia, Perth. She also attended Stanford University in California where she graduated with a Master’s degree and PhD in Psychology. While at Stanford University, Malini took up casual jobs in order to supplement her income. I believe that her interest in finance and investment started developing while in her alma mater. She started meeting individuals from the venture capital community besides attending business management classes. She started investing in stocks and commodities. By the time she turned 34, Malini was a self-made multimillionaire. This information was originally published on Slide Share.

David Osio and the Davos Financial Group Achievements

David Osio, founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group (DFG), established the first asset management group focusing on the needs of the Latin American market, primarily the Venezuelan market. David oversees the operational functions, ensure that there are effective management practices, as well as participate in all new development portfolios of the firm. Having spent four years serving as vice president of commercial banking for Banco Latino International Miami, Mr. Osio was responsible for defining strategies. Those strategies increased the international portfolio of Banco Latino. Not only does David Osio develop a business that will help to cultivate and better the people, Osio is constantly increasing the support he gives to charitable organizations on an international level. The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, where he is a sponsor, is one such organization. Davis Osio gained his leadership experience as a Director for Escritorio Juridico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as earning a degree with honors in Law from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello.

As CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, David Osio has helped increase the income levels at Davos Financial Group, as well as expanding geographically into other strategic areas such as Geneva, New York, and Miami. Making charitable growth contributions along the way, well as earning various international awards and recognitions. With David Osio at the helm, Davos Financial Group has been publicly recognized as a top leader by being honored with the 2014 Miami Award, an award that is given to programs that generate public recognition of achievements and positive contributions of companies and organizations in Miami.

With David Osio hands-on business and leadership skills, Davos Financial Group has seen continuous growth and expansion. Offering comprehensive financial services that are customized to meet the client’s individual needs, the client is guaranteed the best service and quality. Davos Financial Group has become a Financial Boutique, offering special services through their specialized independent licenses. One service does not fit every individual so there has to be different services to accommodate the individual.

Each licensed company that is represented under the Davos Group Financial Boutique hold agreements with major banks around the world, therefore creating a highly competitive and diversified investment business. These agreements were achieved by being faithful and adhering to standards and banking regulations, as well as, being educated on new financial sector scenarios. Davis Osio has been innovative in meeting the clients needs, as well as being socially responsible.

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