Stream Energy And Its Various Philanthropic Activities In Texas

Hurricane Harvey caused major damage in 2017, being the first major hurricane to cause landfall in the U.S. since 2005’s Wilma. The Hurricane ended up inflicting $125 billion in damage mainly due to catastrophic flooding in Southeast Texas and the Huston Metropolitan area, forcing 30,000 to be displaced. Stream Energy, a Dallas-based company, decided to stand up and use the money earned from its energy sales business in order to fund the recovery and also ease the financial burden of its own customers.

Corporate philanthropy has always been a part of Stream Energy. The company established its own charity foundation entitled “Stream Cares”, in order to formalize their philanthropic activities through Texas and throughout the United States. Stream Energy has a long standing relationship with Habitat for Humanity as well as the Red Cross, relationships which allows the company to further its mission to give back to the community. In the past, Stream also had a rapid response in the case of the 2016 tornadoes that hit North Texas after Christmas. The Dallas-based company worked with Salvation Army and alongside its associates they managed to raise thousands of dollars for the residents that lost their homes as well as their businesses. Stream Energy matched the funds raised, doubling the donations that were brought forth by its associates.

One particular cause that Stream associates are heavily involved in is homelessness in North Texas. The company partnered with Hope Supply Co. in order to organize the annual Splash for Hope event. As a result of the partnership, Stream and its associates are covering the entrance as well as meal costs for more than 1,000 homeless children in North Texas and bring them to a local water park in order to deliver money, supplies, as well as an experience of a lifetime. Hope Supply Co. is an organization that provides diapers, school supplies, and clothing to homeless children. Stream Energy has been working with the charity for more than 4 years. Kimberly Girard, the company’s senior event manager, notes that Stream is an organization that plans to consistently identify new ways to give back to the community.

Paul Mampilly Finally Quits Employment to serve his Society’s Needs

The legacy of Paul Mampilly will forever remain in the hearts of many Americans whose lives have changed after finally accessing information and expertise regarding investment from him. For many years, information relevant to sound investment decision making was only meant for the few rich individuals who could afford to pay for the advice and management services from these experts. The poor and the small investors were neglected until Paul Mampilly came to their rescue. One thing that Mampilly understood was that even the small investors and the middle-class Americans stood a chance to improve their standards of living, given the right instructions and advice regarding financial management and investment.

Otherwise, they would remain in the same inconvenient positions of poverty forever. The idea of liberating the American community came into Mampilly’s mind when he was still an employee at the Kinetics Asset Management. This was a member of the Wall Street America that was an industry leader in the management of investment portfolios. However, there was a hedge fund that had been poorly performing for several years in the past, and so they had decided to recruit Paul Mampilly to manage the fund. Luckily, Mampilly was able to transform the fund from a loss-making position to a position of yielding profits for its investors. He was also awarded several accolades by the industry authorities for his outstanding performance.

However, after a deep thought on the dynamics of his achievements, he felt that despite all the milestones achieved, his service was not yet felt by the majority of the Americans as he would have wished. The only beneficiaries were the few tycoons who had invested their money in the big institutions for which he worked. He decided to quit. Upon retiring, Paul Mampilly went to Banyan Hill Publishing where he began a new publishing career. This was where his passion took him, and his decision was the most informed that he had ever made. At Banyan Hill, all the knowledge and investment skills that he had wished to share with the common Americans was at his disposal. He published well-thought investment strategies that could be used by the everyday American to improve their investment decision making processes.

David McDonald gives excellent insights about OSI Group

David McDonald is among the leaders who have stayed in OSI Group for many years. He has contributed a lot to the development of the company because since he joined the company, he has learned a lot of things. David has been working for the company for the last three decades, and this has given him the experience to work at the corporate level. Today he serves as the president of OSI Group a position that gives him the opportunity to continue serving the company for it to achieve its goals. The company has been the leading when it comes to the provision of protein products of high value. It has been supplying its customers with some of the best products on the market.

Recently when he was being interviewed, David McDonald gave great insights about the growth of OSI Group. He also pointed at the values of the company that makes it continue expanding. He is always focused on the growth of the company since he started working for OSI Group. Decades later, the company has continued to develop, and with leaders like David McDonald, it is thriving. They work hard to ensure the OSI Group continues to expand and serve customers from different countries. Clients have discovered that OSI Group is a company that has been offering quality products and that is why they want their products.

To continue offering quality products, the company has embraced the advancement of technology. It works with innovative technology for proper storage of their products. They have also hired some of the best employees, and they also offer training to ensure their employees give the best services to the customers. The best part is that employees are treated with passion, and they are considered as one large family. David McDonald says that the company came up with a unique strategy that allows every subsidiary to run independently. It makes it easy for the independent firms to respond to what the market needs and also deal with the regulations required locally.

According to David McDonald, OSI Group is a private company, but it has managed to grow because of the excellent leadership. They are always dedicated to ensuring the company achieves success.

Stream Energy’s Support Aids Recovery In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

In August 2017, when Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, leaving several feet of floodwater in the streets, thousands were left without power. Worse, over 30,000 people have lost their homes. The recovery effort will take years to repair the damages caused by the storm (PayMyBill). Seeing this destruction, the Dallas based company Stream Energy has stepped up to help with these efforts in several ways.


Stream Energy provided simple relief to them over 127,000 customers in the region by waiving late fees from the end of August through the early days of September. They also waived late fees for their wireless customers, so that everyone could concentrate on cleaning up, and getting back to normal in the aftermath of the emergency. Stream also made a generous $25,000 donation to the American Red Cross and coordinated the collection of further donations on their behalf. Their direct sales associates started a crowdfunded campaign to help other independent associates in the area, and the company offered to match those donations up to another $25,000. Stream also provided support by taking in donations of food and supplies for the victims.


Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is a retail energy services provider, specializing in a unique direct sales model. In the 12 years since their founding, Stream has generated over $8 billion in revenue and has grown to reach customers in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, Illinois, and most recently Delaware. Stream Energy provides clean energy to their customers, through sources such as wind, solar, and other renewable options ( They also provide wireless phones and plans throughout the nation, and other services such as identity theft protection.


The donations for Hurricane Harvey are not their first philanthropic efforts, and certainly not their last. Stream Energy operates both Stream Cares, and the Stream Cares Foundation, which focuses on helping the homeless throughout the United States. They regularly partner with the Dallas non-profit Hope Co., by collecting donations and sponsoring events to aid homeless children throughout Texas.

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