Chaz Dean and Wen: A Holistic Hair Duo for the Future

With humble beginnings, creator of Wen hair care products Chaz Dean was inspired at a young age to see the beauty in all things, leading to an interest in photography. Photography carried him into adulthood where he later went to beauty school so he might be able to capture what he felt to be the essence of his human subjects.

After attending beauty school he set up shop in a salon as an assistant. Eventually his prowess grew with hard work and he quickly became a stylist where upon he started to develop Wen Cleansing Conditioner – a sulfate free alternative to damaging shampoos. As he developed a clientele, his notoriety grew and soon enough celebrities were paying him regular visits so he might revitalize their hair and make it manageable once more. Now the product is available everywhere, including online at major retailers such as Sephora and eBay.

Dean’s holistic approach to hair care drove him to only use all natural ingredients in Wen’s products such as Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, and Panthenol rather then traditional sulfate based ingredients that strip the hair of its natural oils. After testing his products on his clients with much success, Dean expanded the Wen hair product line beyond a cleansing conditioner. Today the Wen hair empire offers natural styling mouses and deep conditioning cremes for damaged hair with a total of over 40 million bottles sold of varying hair treatments since the product line launched.

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Soft And Manageable Hair

There are a few hair hacks that Wengie uses on a regular basis to keep the hair manageable, soft and aromatic. Push a dryer sheet onto the bristles of the hair to decrease the amount of frizz while giving the hair a fresh scent. If you want to make your ponytail look longer, all you have to do is create a high ponytail on the top of the head and a lower one at the base of the neck. This will give the illusion that you have longer hair. Make sure you hide the second one by teasing the hair so that it blends with the top.

A hair mask before you shampoo is a good way to condition the hair without weighing it down. Coconut oil is ideal to use on the hair so that it will be shiny and healthy. Make sure you massage the oil or the hair mask into the scalp. The scalp is an important part of the head as this is where the healthiest part of the hair is located.  A T-shirt also works great for drying the hair instead of using a towel as the fabric from the shirt is softer. Use a foundation brush with hairspray to smooth down the hairs at the scalp that tend to fly away. You can also spray the product on your brush to tame the rest of the hair, especially if it’s frizzy.


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Breaking The Rules Doesn’t Always Lead To Destruction

There are rules for just about fashion and make up that ought to be considered. However, there is this bold and bright lady, Doe Deere, who thinks that rules are meant to be broken. On the other hand, I see no harm in doing so if it adds some style to my outfit. Some of the rules to break are as mentioned.

Not wearing a bold lip with bright eyes and vice versa is one of the rules. However, it can be a creative look if done cautiously and artistically. For instance, putting on a bold glittery blue with bright lipstick can be the order of the day. There is another rule that forbids putting on too many colors. Instead, there is the assembling of various shades and putting them together to come up with an outstanding look.

When it comes to patterns, too many individuals prefer to wear just one. On the other hand, Doe Deere loves to mix and match different patterns in a way that not only pleases the eye but also confuses it. Deere is an addict of both socks and tights hence making it quite a task to put on anything without throwing on a pair. Her love of color allows her to pick shoes and socks that are of a contrast toe to add color to the look.

Another rule is that with colored hair, you can only put on black or any other neutral color. This rule seems to portray the ability of fashion to stand color and personality. However, she advises that you can put on certain colors that suit the shade of your hair color. The rule on dressing your age does not apply to Deere. She believes that if you like it, no matter the age, wear it.

Doe Deere is one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs who owns Lime Crime, which is a bold and creative brand of makeup. Since she was young, she has always loved color whether it was through her clothes or accessories or even her mom’s make-up. At nine years old Deere had a sleepover with her friends, and this is where the light was rekindled. In 2004, she started an eBay store that she named Lime Crime since it rhymed with her best color. From here, it was all about breaking all the fashion rules.