Bruce Levenson’s Do Good Institute Sees Impressive Returns

In 2010, The University of Maryland established the Do Good Institute with around $75 million in funding from Bruce and Karen Levenson, and a further $20 million from the State of Maryland. The initial steps taken by the Do Good Institute saw a single program offered for students across the campus that would become one of the most popular on campus, in the Philanthropy 101 program students were given $10,000 to provide for good causes in a bid to make them consider how their donations were used at all times.

The Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been a major philanthropist over the course of his business career and hopes the development of the Do Good Institute will allow students across campus the chance to take their first steps in the nonprofit and volunteering industries. Not only is the aim of Bruce Levenson to educate the next generation of not for profit leaders, but also to promote volunteering and philanthropy across The University of Maryland campus; Levenson believes a higher level of education should be sought by not for profit leaders who often have a passion for their chosen good cause, but lack the business skills to push forward their ideas and fight against the concerns of private sector groups who are often fighting for space in a crowded industry.

As a leading member of the Jewish community in the U.S., Bruce Levenson has become a major supporter of a number of groups who are supporting the needs of the Jewish community, including Birthright Israel and the Jewish Federation. Bruce Levenson is a leading technology expert who developed the United Communications Group and a number of offshoots, including the TechTarget and Gas Buddy brands that have continued to provide new aspects of the latest real time information technology developed through his impressive UCG brand.