Bruce Bent II is the current President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation. This is one of the leading technological and financial services companies.
With close to 20 years experience in the financial service arena, Bruce Bent II is one of the leading financial managers in America.

Bent is also a skilled entrepreneur who has come up with numerous inventions which have catapulted the financial and technological world. Some of his businesses include pharmaceutical care, wealth management, healthcare financing, intellectual property, consumer goods, financial technologies, business consulting among others.In addition to this, he holds over 50 patents on his inventions which have turned the cash management world into a trillion dollar industry. In fact he managed to turn the 2008 financial crises into a boon for some firms.

Apart from being the President and Vice President of Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II also works for the Island Intellectual LLC and five other subsidiaries owned by this company as a senior executive. These firms are renowned for their innovation prowess which they have achieved under his leadership. In addition to this, he has also worked with other firms which include President of The Reserve where he worked for 17 years and Founder and owner of B2 Consulting where he has worked for almost four years as a consultant, advisor and investor of various startups that he has helped emerge into successful companies. However, he has also been affiliated with various other organizations.

Bruce Bent II also belongs to various inspiring organizations. They include the Young President’ Organization where he was the former chairman of the world business leader’s organization Gotham Chapter. He was also on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson which is an environmental establishment that safeguards the Hudson River. He also seats on the board of 99 Jane which is a street condominium organization based in Manhattan. The entrepreneur has also belonged to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan.

Bruce Bent II graduated from The Northeastern University where he received a Bachelor of Science and Philosophy. He has been quoted in numerous books and publications which include The New York Times, Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEO’S, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and many others

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