Academy Of Art University: Kendall Long and the Bachelor

Everyone is wanting to know about the romance between Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe. Some believe that they are still seeing each other after she was cast on the Bachelor and stole his heart. If that is the case then more power to them. Of course, they could also just be very close friends. There is nothing wrong with that either. Whatever the case may be, these are two people who are clearly in touch with each other and that is definitely ok. We should let have their privacy and enjoy their lives.

Kendall is from the Academy of Art University. So it is no surprise that she was picked to be on the show. This school operates in San Francisco, California and is a for-profit academy. Richard Stephens opened it in 1929 and is a private institution. It is here that students can use their brilliant minds to be creative and innovative in the tasks they asked to perform. Also, it is all about letting their artist nature shine through. If a student can meet the basic requirements for enrollment, then they can pursue their dreams and become what they want to achieve. The Academy Of Art University offers graduate and undergraduate degrees that provides flexibility in what the students are wanting to major in.

Thee are programs that in place that challenge a students way of thinking in the industry of art. With this being a school of art, that is what you want. A chance to go beyond your imagination and discover things about yourself that you did not know existed, is welcomed here. There is nothing wrong with broadening a student’s horizons and testing their limits. If you want a well-rounded student, then this school is the answer. If they can produce students such as Kendall Long, then there is hope for the next person studying there.

The Academy Of Art University is very diverse in an artist way. A student can study a variety of different programs. If you feel that this academy is right for you, then why not give it a try.