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It is no great secret that the more people hear about a company, the more likely they are to try a particular product. Especially after someone they know has had success trying it. After all building a company does not mean consumers will come; they have to know you are there first.

With this in mind it should come as no surprise, that companies are looking for new ways to expand their reach and increase their customer base. Companies such as Contour Design have been turning to NewsWatch TV to create captivating advertisements that increase brand awareness and drive sales. Contour Design is known for its forward thinking in recreating the American workspace. One of their most popular keyboards features a roller mouse attached to the keyboard itself; with a balance board cushion the bottom of the palm.

Taking advantage of the network NewsWatch TV has access to, allows smaller companies such as Contour Design to get the same public access many larger companies enjoy. Advertisements can appear on broadly watched syndicated networks, ION Television and AMC Network. While the company is based in Washington DC, there are offices in several other states as well including New York and Colorado.

Michelle Ison , Andrew Tropeano, and Susan Bridges are the primary hosts of the self contained reports. They are also known for obtaining celebrity endorsements if said celebrity has a personal interest in the story. Not to mention a slew of other contributors who assist in giving voices to topics ranging from technology, to business and even youth trends. With more than 20 years experience in journalism, the NewsWatch team has become the mouthpiece in which companies can raise funding and increase sales.

Introducing: Herbalife Iced Coffee

Herbalife Nutrition, the world-renowned company that focuses on nutrition, health, and happiness for their customers around the world is back, and this time, they’ve brought coffee! Herbalife recently rolled out its newest product: coffee infused with protein. Their new Mocha High Protein Iced coffee is low in sugar, fat, and overall calories but packs a punch with taste and overall nutritional health benefits.


This beverage offers about 15 grams of protein and 80 mg of caffeine per serving and stands at only 100 calories. There are no colors or flavors added to it. This new twist on a traditional cup of joe is healthy, effective, and cuts down on unnecessary calories and additives while you enjoy your morning coffee.


Currently, the iced coffee industry is hot hot hot. In the last four years, the industry has grown an estimated ten percent. In a global study done by Herbalife, it was shown that worldwide about 60% of people are drinking coffee every day. younger coffee drinkers tend to prefer iced coffee. In fact, about half of millennial coffee drinkers say they’ve enjoyed an iced coffee in the last three months. This is a staggering increase and a great illustration of how the iced coffee business is currently thriving.


As of now, mocha is the only coffee flavor that Herbalife is offering, however, additional flavors are set to be released to the public soon depending on the responses to the original product. All new flavors will fit into the same nutritional standards and will be low in calories and fat as well as high in protein.


The coffee will be sold in 14 individual servings. Each serving will be in a 12-ounce bag and the package is projected to be around $38.50 in total. It is incredibly quick and easy to make: you simply add two scoops of the powdered drink to water. Then, shake up your mixture and put it over ice. Now, you’ll have a jumpstart on your daily protein needs and a steady energy source to get you through the entire day.


Herbalife is a worldwide company that focuses on helping its customers with their health and happiness. Founded in the 1980’s, they offer many different products and services to help you lead yr best life. They target personal fitness goals, weight management, nutrition and more.





Fortress Investment Group: The Success of the New York-based Investment Firm in Central Florida

Nothing displays the success that has been experienced by the Fortress Investment Group quite like the article “Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline Receives $1.75 Billion in Funding” featured on positivethefacts.com. It covers a recent expansion project proposed by the Brightline division of Fortress Investment Group. The expansion project will allow individuals to travel between the cities of Miami, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. Currently, there is a connecting rail between Miami and West Palm Beach. The expansion would add an additional rail between those cities and Orlando. This could have startling implications for individuals within the surrounding community. They will have additional options when it comes to commuting and the time it takes to get to these destinations will be cut down substantially.

Brightline will change the commuting system because of how quickly their trains are able to get to its target location. Cars that are stuck on the highway can get bogged down to a mere 35 mph but Brightline’s trains can move at a comparative lightning speed of almost 80 mph. Additionally, commuters will be able to enjoy the scenery or peruse the newspaper while they travel. It redefines the way that these individuals will live their life on a daily basis. With trains leaving the station every single day of the week their options are wide open.

Other options that will be wide open for the residents of Florida because of the growth of this train system are new job opportunities. The construction project for this expansion is going to be massive. To keep up with the demands of this construction, Brightline and other companies will be looking for more workers. It is estimated that 6,600 jobs will be created in the process of creating this expansion. Also, more than $400 million will be funneled back into the Florida community in construction costs. It is going to be a thrilling time for commuters and workers in Central Florida.

Brightline shines under its parent company Fortress Investment Group. This innovative company was originally created in 1998 with the sole intention of changing up the way that consumers looked at investing. Fortress Investment Group has a diverse portfolio that showcases some of the exceptional opportunities that they have been a part of over the years. Their success with Brightline shows that they are willing to pour the dedication and time needed into a project. They have made a name for themselves as an exceptional investment company headed by veterans in the financial world. The work with Brightline is just one of the many successes they have experienced over the years.


Marc Beer: Establishing Renovia Inc. for Women with Pelvic Floor Disorders

Leva is one of the most recent products introduced by Renovia Inc., a company founded by Marc Beer. According to the company’s founder, many women around the world do not have access to health care, and most of them die because of numerous diseases. His dream is to create numerous treatment options for women around the globe and help them preserve their lives. He also noted that women living in remote communities have a higher chance of getting a severe illness that could lead to their deaths. Scientists around the world are working together to create a more accessible treatment that would benefit a lot of women, and they are succeeding in generating these options. Women of the 21st century are far healthier compared to women living in previous centuries, but Marc Beer claimed that more workers are still needed to ensure their safety. Renovia Inc. has prioritized the development of Leva, and the founder stated that this treatment would benefit millions of women.



Renovia inc. was established as a small startup company by Marc Beer. He previously worked with Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, taking the position as the company’s CEO. After he left Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, he decided to establish a business and used all of the knowledge he gained from his previous company to manage it. He was successful in getting financial funds for Renovia Inc., as a lot of investors started working with him and his company to turn some of their projects into reality. Marc Beer worked with investors who have seen a huge opportunity with Renovia Inc., and as a result, the company was able to gain $42 million worth of funding. Renovia Inc. is focused on researching and studying different treatment options for people who are looking to have their conditions addressed. The Longwood Fund is one of the biggest contributors of the company, and they assisted by providing more funds used in research. The money raised by the company is now used to conduct additional research on how the company can create more cures and treatments for diseases which are exclusively found in women.



Pelvic floor disorders affect more than 250 million women around the world. With the introduction of Leva, Marc Beer stated that these people who have been suffering from the disorder could finally be freed from their condition. Renovia Inc. continues to become one of the most trusted companies when it comes to the production of treatment options and cures for women. The founder of the company is also doing his best to attract more investors who could fund their projects and researches. According to the founder of the company, the studies made by Renovia Inc. can be used to advance the medical knowledge of scientists, especially those who focus on women’s health. Learn more : https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Jeremy Goldstein: The Fountain House Fall Fete

Every year, the Associates Committee of Fountain House hosts an event that introduces everyone to the next group of leaders that will support the Fountain House mission. The event also features a small award ceremony where they honor people who’ve made great contributions to that mission.

Fountain House is an organization that’s dedicated to the recovery of men and women suffering from mental illness. They also help those who are merely going through emotional rough times in their lives. Their mission is to fight the stigma associated with emotional struggles and mental illness.

At last year’s event, they honor George Petrides, a sufferer of a mental condition. For much of his life, Petrides struggled with Bipolar II. After getting help, he saw the value of sharing his story with others who may be suffering similarly. He was honored for his work for people who are directly and indirectly affected by mental illness.

Along with people like George Petrides, there are people like Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein doesn’t suffer from a condition, but he wants to help bring awareness to the importance of getting help and removing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

To do his part, Jeremy Goldstein began hosting high-profile wine dinners. At first, he planned on hosting one wine dinner on top of the NoMad Hotel in New York. The dinner was such a hit with guests; they wanted him to host another dinner. The first dinner raised $33,000; the second raised $23,000.

That money went toward supporting Fountain House’s self-help program. That program attracted Jeremy Goldstein because it wasn’t a simple handout. It’s a program that helps people find jobs and get their lives back together after they’ve recovered enough to rejoin society.


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Why Many Choose Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare actively operates several facilities around the Sussex area. The care home network is among the most well-respected in the UK. It has been providing cutting edge services to its many residents for more than three decades. When it was first established it only consisted of one senior living home. This fact can make it hard to believe it has grown the way it has over the years with 15 facilities in all. It is a common misconception that Sussex only provides care for elderly people. In fact Sussex provide services for a wide range of individuals suffering from neurological conditions no matter their age. Dementia is one of the most common neurological conditions Sussex residents live with. Visit CV Library to know more.

Recently Sussex opened a new state-of-the-art gym that features many helpful exercise machines as well as a pool. However the most popular new edition to Sussex Healthcare is a large hot tub, which every resident is allowed access to. Research has shown that hot tub can help the body with the release of endorphins and stress reduction.

Each Sussex Healthcare resident is encouraged to utilize the elliptical trainers. The elliptical trainers can be customized and modified to fit the needs of each individual. This way users never feel like they’re overwhelmed or overworked. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Esht.nhs.

Studies have shown that exercise can improve the brain’s ability to memorize new things and improve critical thinking. Not to mention, exercise also works really well in enhancing a person’s overall well-being.

With all the facts laid out one would be hard-pressed to find a reason not to choose Sussex. Sussex Healthcare prides itself on delivering its residents the highest level of care possible. It’s skilled team of staff members are both well trained and dedicated to the job. The company expects to continuous growth as it moves forward with the new CEO.

Learn: https://www.inc.com/profile/sussex-healthcare

OSI Group is Unstoppable in the Food Market

Since the year 2000, OSI group has maintained a steady growth. David McDonald, the president, and Chief operations officer, has contributed to the growth of the company in many ways. He has worked in the company for over thirty years having joined in 1987. It was his first job after leaving college, and he started as the project manager of OSI Group. His hard work and dedication are what made him rise in the company’s management. The company is the leading food production firm in the world even though it began as a small butcher shop in Oakland, Chicago owned by a German immigrant in 1909. It later became the primary meat supplier of Mc Donald’s restaurants, and within twenty-five years, the firm became one of the largest food suppliers in the world.

OSI Group’s growth in the last twenty-five years or so includes acquisitions and opening of many branches in the United States where it started and in other areas outside the home country. Additionally, the company has refurbished some of its existing plants to boost production. The company is spread out in seventeen states globally with over 65 branches. Furthermore, the company has a workforce of more than 20,000 staff members, and on the Forbes list, it was ranked 58th with a net worth estimate of $ 6.1 billion. McDonald together with Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman, and the Chief Executive Officer facilitated OSI Group’s expansion in different parts of the world. Lavin joined the company in the 1970’s, and his leadership and experience have helped the company’s growth in a big way.

Some of the notable contributions by the two leaders in the company include the acquisition of Baho Foods. The deal with the Dutch-based company was to cater for snacks and Deli meats in the retail and other food markets across Europe. Flagship Europe was another company, which was acquired by OSI Groups to boost its supply of food products in Europe to name and the neighboring countries. With Lavin’s experience in the marketing industry and McDonald in food industry experience that he gained from working with retailers, local suppliers and government agencies, the company’s growth are inevitable. The increase is because of the company’s vision, which is to deliver and maintain high-quality supplies to its customers consistently. The company takes all customers and people around as one family, and the desire to serve its family proudly is the driving force.