Samuel Strauch: Getting Help From A Reputable Real Estate Investor

Are you planning to start in the real estate business and need proper guidance? Want to work with a professional who is passionate about helping others succeed? If you sincerely want to become successful investing in real estate, you need to get in touch with Samuel Strauch right away.

One of the most reliable ways to earn a great income and achieve financial freedom is real estate investing. This business has changed the lives of countless people and can change yours too, if you follow proven path.

You need to be willing to learn and to apply what works in the industry. It takes great effort and commitment to attain success in any endeavor, real estate investing included.

There are many real estate resources and coaches out there offering to render the help you need to make your dream come true but keep in mind that not all real estate training programs are created equal. Find someone who has been rendering top notch coaching and advice and you can learn what to do to reach your goal.

Investing in real estate is a great way to make your fortune. No matter what the real estate market looks like, you will always profit if you know what you’re doing.

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For example, when the market is up, smart investors purchase damaged or foreclosed properties and then sell them for a huge profit. If the property market is down, experienced investors purchase property and then rent it out for steady monthly income.


There are several other proven strategies any investor or entrepreneur can use to attain success in the real estate investment field no matter the situation. Samuel Strauch has great expertise in this field and has many strategies that work perfectly to generate huge fortunes.



Arthur Becker Transforms NYC Landscape

Author Becker has been able to capitalize on real estate because he has set back and watched the market. He has been able to analyze developments in industries where others may not have seen opportunity.

What Tech mogul Arthur Becker is most known for is his stake in the Manhattan Real estate development. He has a project in SoHo for a trio of townhouses. He has also been in place to get townhouses in New York City on Sullivan Street. He has managed to capitalize on lots of different real estate investments where he could make great returns when he put money into certain high-end investments. Madison Equities is the development company that he has worked with to build a plethora of condos and townhouses on 57th Street.

Arthur Becker has had his hand in the real estate industry for a long time and he has become one of Manhattan’s biggest real estate developers. There is development of bountiful new condos in Manhattan thanks to his dedication. Arthur Becker stands to make a tremendous amount of profit from the townhouses in the Soho area because there is a great demand for luxury dwellings. According to the RealDeal, this is an area that has homes that are as expensive as the ones in Tribeca, and this is one place with some of the highest rent in Manhattan.

Arthur Becker has proven that he is one of the top in the real estate development in New York City. He has worked as the CEO of Zinio, and he has also worked in biotechnology. It appears, however, that real estate maybe the industry that he will thrive in the most. He has worked with Madison Partners LLC and develops some huge properties for New York City.

With all of the expansion that Arthur Becker is making in Manhattan it is obvious that he is planning to Branch out even more into the real estate industry. Becker has proven that he can be versatile in his business efforts. At one time he was a senior advisor with the Vera Wang fashion company. Becker has many different leadership talents. Visit his personal website at

What You May Not Know About Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson made a lot of news on ESPN when he decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks last year, a sale that many said exceeded the expected price. Levenson is still involved in a legal matter regarding this sale and the buyout of former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment had filed a claim with their insurance company, AIG when the sale was made. This claim was to cover losses involving wrongful employment termination or workplace torts, and AHBE’s attorneys say they were within their right to file this claim. But AIG so far has refused to honor their policy, so Levenson and AHBE are taking them to court and suing for damages and court costs.

Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and owned them up until 2015, and even briefly owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers during that period. Before owning the Hawks, Levenson founded a newsletter company, Unified Communications Group (UCG). This company publishes information about industries such as energy, healthcare and technology, and even owns the Gas Buddy app. Levenson also sits on the boards of UCG subsidiary TechTarget and BIA Digital Partners, a private equity investment advisory company. See,

Bruce Levenson also has served with several philanthropies including Hoop Dreams and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. He also is a large contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, an event that’s had a profound impact on him and his family, including his mother-in-law who survived the horrific event. She once shared her story with the Atlanta Hawks team when Levenson brought them to the museum in 2014. Levenson supports other Jewish activist groups including Birthright Israel, the SEED Foundation, and BBYO. He helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at UMD, and also sat on the board for the Concert Against Hate in 2015.

How Mike Baur and Inc. Plans To Rethink Startup Mentoring to Young Kids

Imagine a space filled with all the right resources to enable you to start your startup for free? How cool is that? Well, the rich Swiss banker went ahead and used his wealth and connections to set up Geneva’s first ever code academy. Studies have shown that most startups fail because they lack the proper stewardship to assist with the decision making process.


The second culprit to blame for the closing up of many businesses is the finance. Baur anticipated all these concerns and then went ahead to come up with just the right solution. It involved pooling together consultants from the finance, legal, and the marketing worlds.


The premises commissioned and build by Mike Baur surpass anything you’ve ever witnessed. Clients get offered ample offices and other working provisions. Most importantly, this collection of like-minded individuals is what often triggers brilliant innovation. Sharing and collaboration are highly encouraged by the tutors over at the new-age entrepreneurial college.


Networking Opportunity


Tech developers can meet up to present their assessment and progresses with a particular project. Additionally, the aspiring startup investors get taken through an intense course on how to handle the finances of the business. Here one gets schooled on how to monetize the project optimally and how to leverage your entire portfolio in anticipation of growth ahead.


Startups bearing Mike Bauer’s Touch


Judging by the score sheets, it seems apparent that Mike Baur and Inc. aren’t doing so bad after all. The firm has done an incredible job in helping nurture and launch close to a dozen successful software companies. These include Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beacons mind.


Mike is a fervent believer of empowering the youth. The investor didn’t always use to mentor fresh computer science graduates at the headquarters of the Swiss Start-Up Factory in Geneva. He does it with great delight. To him, molding and shaping the future generations of investors and entrepreneurs is the best accomplishment ever. He is also a member of a few other Swiss registered charities and philanthropic organizations.


About Mike Baur


Mike, 42, is an accomplished Swiss banker heading one of the largest private banking reputed companies like UBS. He is the recipient of a two MBA’s from the universities of Rochester (New York) and Bern. He runs a vibrant ICT hub bringing together talents from all corners of the nation, the continent and indeed the world.

Bernardo Chua’s Passion For Ganoderma Products

Ganoderma, the genus of polypore mushrooms, is a treasure in China and other Asian countries. Historically, ganoderma has been used in coffees, teas and other products. Bernardo Chua, a household name in the direct selling industry, has played an integral role in introducing the benefits of the herb to the world.

Bernardo is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a multi-level company that distributes coffees, tea and other personal care products made from ganoderma. The company is based in Canada. Presently, it has over a million suppliers across the world.

Bernardo Chua saw the success of ganoderma products in the Asian market. To this end, he saw the opportunity to market this product to the western world. He has successfully increased the popularity of the herb in North America. Through Chua’s transformative leadership, Organo Gold was ranked as the 55th largest direct selling corporation in the world, after five years of being in business.

According to PR News Wire, Bernado Chua dedicates his time to educating people on the benefits of ganoderma products. This situation has helped him to earn suppliers and consumers’ trust. Organo Gold has gained a competitive advantage by virtue of operating in Canada. This is because the country has strict rules and regulations on products and businesses. All products must be tested before they are distributed.

Previously, Bernardo Chua worked for Gano Excel in Philippines where he helped expand the company’s operations to Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. The corporation marketed a broad range of ganoderma products, including instant coffee and capsules. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Later, he went to work as the president of Gano Excel USA. His expertise in the production and marketing of ganoderma products has seen him receive different awards like the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry.

Organo Gold has won the Direct Sales Company of the Year award five times. In addition, the National Shoppers Choice recognized the corporation as the top direct selling company under the category of food supplements.

Through Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua has managed to deliver quality products at affordable prices. Over the years, he has been supporting ganoderma-related research with the objective of capitalizing on new breakthroughs. This way, he has been able to refine his business.