Geoff Cone Talks About New Zealand’s Safe Haven Image

Some people looking to conceal their assets, seek countries that are known to be safe as tax havens. As a business owner and lead principal of Cone Marshall Law Firm in New Zealand; Geoffrey Cone is use to fielding inquiries about the country’s tax haven status. According to Cone, New Zealand isn’t a tax haven country, but it has the “perceived” image of being just that. He took the time to explain this image and the realities associated with being viewed as a safe place to stash or hide assets.

In the article, written for the New Zealand Herald, entitled, ‘NZ A Model of Tax Transparency;’ Geoffrey Cone helps to broaden the knowledge base for anyone who thinks of New Zealand as a foreign trust tax haven. He begins by explaining mostly it’s the media coverage that makes people interested in hiding assets. Cone says that foreign trusts just aren’t as adventurous or exciting as news outlets portrays them.

Geoffrey Cone goes on to talk about the methodology of International tax laws and the governing body that oversees the policies. The governing authority responsible for enforcement of foreign trust taxation is the, Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (COED).

Under its realm of official International duties, the OECD maintains an active lists of known tax havens and New Zealand isn’t on it. Because “transparency” is the missing factor, which allows individual with less than honorable intentions, such as those wishing to get away with illegally hiding their assets to avoid taxation.

Cone points out that what allows said individuals to get away with tax haven foreign trust investing is a lack of transparency. He makes a strong defense of New Zealand, as a country that’s less desirable to those seeking tax havens, for the reason, everything is done out in the open with complete transparency.

As lead principal of a successful law firm, Geoffrey Cone has a wealth of experience, which has helped to establish, Cone Marshall, as a global authority in financial matters related to tax trusts. Geoffrey Cone has built a solid foundation for advising and managing foreign and domestic assets.

Beginning with his education at the University of Otago in New Zealand, Cone immediately gravitated towards International investing. After graduating in 1980, he started his career as a partner with a successful law firm. In the much coveted position as lead council, he commanded respect for his legal skills and expert knowledge in the areas of commercial litigation and advisory tax trusts. Then in 1999, after nearly two decades as a partner, Geoffrey Cone opened his own practice, which specializes in trustee management, foreign trusts and international tax and estate planning.

A Company That Puts Their Clients Reputation First

Many companies and professional individuals have seen the importance of hiring a professional reputation management company that does the work of keeping a company’s or a professional individuals name clean. Recently PRNewswire did an article about the founders of BrightPast.

BrightPast is a reputation management company that has expanded to add a new product for their clients. BrightPast is a company that helps corporations, individuals, professionals, and politicians in order to protect their online reputation. The services that BrightPast offers are beyond professional, and they can provide their services to any English-speaking client in the world. The creators of BrightPast understand that it is very important for companies professionals to have a positive online reputation and brand. Unfortunately, it only takes one negative comment or review to lose a potential customer, because that is the case, it is important to have a company watching the reputation of an individual or business.

BrightPast is a company that has been able to help hundreds of different corporations and professionals to clean up their reputation. BrightPast is a company that has experts in the field of reputation management. They work with doctors, lawyers, politicians, executives, and celebrities. BrightPast has been able to remove negative comments about those individuals, and they have kept their client’s reputations from being tarnished.

BrightPast has been able to remove unwanted URLs from Google search results, they have replaced negative comments with positive reviews and much more. BrightPast is a company that is committed to helping their clients to keep a good reputation. BrightPast was originally created to meet the demands for services that deal with reputation management. This is a company that was formed from a successful Internet marketing company, and they are dedicated to their client’s good name.


How Labaton Sucharow Helps

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that helps people who want to report problems about the SEC to the different authorities who will be able to help them stop these practices. The law firm focuses solely on these clients and they work with them to not only help them report it but to stand next to them in every step of the process. They want to help them through everything including the way that they report it and who they should report it to no matter what the issue is for the people who are a part of the SEC. Learn more:

The law firm is confident that they will be able to help people. Not only have they become experts at SEC law but they have also been in business for many years. Before they were a law firm that was dedicated solely to SEC whistleblowers, they were business attorneys. They helped people with everything from starting a business to litigation of the business and everything that stood in between. There were many times that they would help people with problems that they were not even aware of until they began to dig deeper into the business. They are very thorough.

When it comes to the SEC, there are many problems that come from inside. The majority of theft is internal and the people at the top are often the ones who are committing these problems. They are people who think that they are not subject to the same punishment as others and feel that they can do anything that they want because of their position. They often coerce others into going along with it or simply keeping their mouths shut about it with extra money that they make from their illicit practices. This is a raging problem in the SEC and something that needs to be stopped at all costs.

The SEC recognizes that and goes to great lengths to give people the opportunity to report problems. Not only do they promise to protect anyone who makes the choice to report the problems to the authorities but they also make sure that the people are rewarded for it. That is where Labaton Sucharow comes into play. They use their legal expertise to help people find out not only how to report the problems but to increase the reward that the people get for actually reporting the problems in the SEC.

Malini Saba’s Investment Career

Malini Saba is one of the female leaders in the business industry whose achievement and contributions cannot go unnoticed. Originally, she is from South-Asia. It is my view that she is one of the successful female investors and philanthropist. Saba established Saban, an investment company that focuses on technology companies in the United States. The firm has invested in real estate’s in both Australia and India. It has also huge shareholdings in oil and gas in China. I believe that because of her success and accumulated wealth, she has been in a position to donate for various courses.

 Malini Saba founded “Stree”, a non-profit company whose main role is to change how women that earn low income and are vulnerable perceive themselves in society. Through Stree, It is my hope that women and children have benefited from services such as health care and legal empowerment. The company has also offered women with a platform where grassroots movement can be in touch with the public policy in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and India.

Bill Clinton, the former U.S. President and Noor, the Queen of Jordan, inaugurated the organization. I believe that in the spirit of giving back to the society, Malini donated $1 million to be used in the construction of the first Health center in the world. It was constructed at El Camino Hospital, which is in Mountain View, CA. In 2004, Malini toured the different regions that were hard hit by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and India. During this tour, Malini pledged $10 million to support the affected individuals. This information was originally mentioned on Huffington Post.

 Malini began her investment career at Silicon Valley. Here, she was working as a venture capitalist. She gained extensive experience in the field. Through advice and insights about investments, she managed to invest in over 20 technology firms. These companies included Sycamore Networks, Inc., Netscreen Technologies and PayPal Inc.

Malini is a proud alumnus of the University of Western Australia, Perth. She also attended Stanford University in California where she graduated with a Master’s degree and PhD in Psychology. While at Stanford University, Malini took up casual jobs in order to supplement her income. I believe that her interest in finance and investment started developing while in her alma mater. She started meeting individuals from the venture capital community besides attending business management classes. She started investing in stocks and commodities. By the time she turned 34, Malini was a self-made multimillionaire. This information was originally published on Slide Share.