Dr. Walden Comes Right Back To Austin

The city of Austin, Texas is one of the most sought after destinations in Texas. This city very much manages to combine the diversity and attractions of a larger place with all the comforts and friendliness of a small town. That is very much why Dr. Jennifer Walden, one of the nation’s foremost plastic surgeons has come right back to her hometown. As she tells Austin MD Magazine, she knows that she returns to a place that is the ideal place to have a practice and raise kids as well. She comes right back here so she can be with her loving family and yet reach out to a large community that offers her a patient base that has come to rely on her personalized services.

A Classic Education

Dr. Walden is all about being able to provide services for her many happy patients. When growing up in the Austin area, she repeatedly found that biology was something she loved. She was able to take her skills in this field and major in biology at the University of Texas. While there, she realized that the field of medicine was a field she could make her own. She began to consider applying to medical school. After she was wait listed, she vowed to make medicine her own passion. It was in medical school that realized her own skill, graduating second in her class and earning the respect of her classmates.

Putting It All Together

It was while in New York City that Walden came to realize just how much she loved her own hometown. She began to see that it would be ideal for her to return back home and start a practice in this area. She quickly came back and brought her twin boys with her. In the last few years, it has all come together for her.


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Contribution of Sanjay Shah in the medical sector.

Sanjay Shah is a business person based in Dubai. He owns a number of companies which are making a fortune every financial year. Some of the firms which Shah is a major stakeholder include solo Capital and Aesa S.a.r.l. Apart from those he also has a number of organizations all over the globe some of them are located in London, Malta and Cayman Islands.

Sanjay Shah Denmark is currently worth more than $280 million dollars. This is according to the research that was done at the beginning of the year 2016. After acquiring Old Park Lane Capital in the year 2014 his worth raised by a bigger margin. At the moment he considers himself retired, and he has been taking part in philanthropic activities mainly in Dubai.

Shah has formed a nonprofit organization which has been creating awareness about Autism. April is always the Autism month. The group has been educating people on how to deal with children with this complications. Apart from that, they have also helped a lot in financing research in health sector so as to come up with medicine that can help the patients being affected with the disease.

Many people know little about the diseases or complication. Autism is a mental disorder that affects mainly kids. It affects how one communicates to others. When someone gets infected with the diseases, he will not be able to express himself in a usual way. At the moment no one knows what causes the disease. It is also incurable at the moment.

The organization has been raising money using different channels. The main channel that is being used every year is organizing of Autism Rocks Festival. During the festival, a number of well-known celebs are invited to entertain people and to spread awareness about Autism in the city. Some of the musicians who have attended the festival include Drake and Tyga.

The firm monetizes the function by selling tickets to people who would like to be part of the festival. In typical cases, one pays approximately Dh50 to get into the ceremony. Because of this, it has attracted many people across Dubai thus making the organization make a lot of cash. The non-profit organization has been able to net more than £600,000.


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Clothing line overhaul for the Pittsburgh Steelers a big hit with fans

There is a new excitement over the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, and it has nothing to do with draft picks or even off-season player acquisitions. It has to do with an overhaul of their clothing line for the fans, and they’re excitement is huge.

The Steelers unveiled a brand new line of clothing that’s become a hit early on with the fans since it appeals to everyone of every age According to Susan McGalla. In the revamping of their clothing line, the Steelers have incorporated brand names like Victoria’s Secret, Nike Golf, and Tommy Bahama.

In addition to the brand names enhancing the Steeler products, clothing that appeals to the female side of the fan based have improved. More pink is used for the girls and women, allowing the females to feel more feminine, and girls can find clothing with sleeves that have thumbholes, which is a very popular style, according to Susan McGalla.

Now, men have more choices in what they can wear, and in those choices they can find clothing that is “office-friendly”, as well as extremely comfortable.

The main idea behind the new clothing line is to bring fan gear into the mainstream, and not just have it worn while tailgating or at games. Fans can dress-up or dress-down the clothing as they see fit.

The brains behind this change in Steeler country is Susan McGalla, the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers organization. She started by listening to the fans, as focus groups were brought in to see what changes could be made that were appealing.

The fans were instrumental in the changes that were made, and they were made to feel as if they were also a part of the organization. Fans even have a new Steeler website to make the buying process even quicker and easier. Susan McGalla is the former president of American Eagle Outfitter and Wet Seal. She has brought in her expertise to rejuvenate the clothing line and it has translated into fan excitement.

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Soft And Manageable Hair

There are a few hair hacks that Wengie uses on a regular basis to keep the hair manageable, soft and aromatic. Push a dryer sheet onto the bristles of the hair to decrease the amount of frizz while giving the hair a fresh scent. If you want to make your ponytail look longer, all you have to do is create a high ponytail on the top of the head and a lower one at the base of the neck. This will give the illusion that you have longer hair. Make sure you hide the second one by teasing the hair so that it blends with the top.

A hair mask before you shampoo is a good way to condition the hair without weighing it down. Coconut oil is ideal to use on the hair so that it will be shiny and healthy. Make sure you massage the oil or the hair mask into the scalp. The scalp is an important part of the head as this is where the healthiest part of the hair is located.  A T-shirt also works great for drying the hair instead of using a towel as the fabric from the shirt is softer. Use a foundation brush with hairspray to smooth down the hairs at the scalp that tend to fly away. You can also spray the product on your brush to tame the rest of the hair, especially if it’s frizzy.


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Shea Butter: From Africa With a Purpose

Dairy butter is an incredible product. It not only is delicious on bread and toast but nothing is better for cooking and when placed on top of roasted corn or hot vegetables it amplifies and enriches the natural tastes. It, also, has a property that amazes; put butter in a refrigerator and it becomes as hard as wood, set it on the table, and it softens to a spreadable consistency, but do not let it be exposed to heat because at above 90 degrees Fahrenheit it loses its spreadable consistency and melts to a liquid.

Cocoa butter and Shea butter are both produced from nuts of their unique tree species. Again the spreadable quality, like dairy butter, when used commercially is an important consideration. Claims were made about the skin healing benefits of cocoa butter, but research rendered cocoa butter’s health claims of no benefit. Now Shea butter has boldly entered the picture, and with a history dating back to the Egyptian Pharaohs and Cleopatra and a motivated Harvard-educated entrepreneur at the helm the future for the product looks bright.

Shea butter is being promoted again for its moisturizing skin effects. One group in Africa, EuGenia Shea, is developing the product for the world market in a new round of use as a skin conditioner and a hair moisturizer which African women have been using for millennia as protection against the hot winds and scorching sun found in the African deserts and savannahs.

The benefits of shea butter for protecting and moisturizing skin and hair will need to be tested and proved by American standards or in the absence of health and beauty claims the product will depend on the advertising efforts of the company and be dependent on the whims and fancies of the marketplace.

Thor Halvorssen Comes From A Long Line Of Activists

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most effective human rights activists on the planet. There’s not a battle he will back down from. And he comes from good stock. Halvorssen’s lineage includes a long line of fighters and activists who also showed a lot of guff when it came to the preservation of rights.

Thor Halvorssen’s mother is an activist and direct descendant of Venezuela’s first president Cristobal Mendoza. His grandfather worked as a counsel to the King of Norway during WWII. His cousin and father served time as political prisoners for exposing government corruption in Brazil. His half-Norwegian, half Venezuelan roots run deep and strong. “Nothing can knock us down,” said Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen has attempted to better the live of individuals all over the planet. Through is New York based Human Rights Foundation, he has tackled authoritarianism, racism, corruption, child labor laws and plenty of equally important issues.

The 39-year-old has also taken his fair share of beatings and brutalities. A few years ago, he attempted to visit with the leader of Vietnam’s Buddhist church.

Halvorssen says he has no problem with being the new face of human rights. “I love what I do, and I will continue to do so for everyone facing adversities,” said Halvorssen. Everyone knows that Halvorssen is not for sale. He is who he is and has no intentions of changing.

Source: http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824