One Bad Day Can Mess Up A Reputation

A single bad day should not be enough to cause major harm to a person’s reputation. “Should” is a subjective word here. One bad day sometimes “does” harm a person’s life.

On one day on the campus of the University of Missouri, a protest event took place. Assistant Professor Melissa Click found herself in a heated confrontation with a few journalism student. Things were captured on video, and the video ended up hitting the media. Due to that one bad day, Melissa Click lost her job.

Lamenting over “one bad day” is not likely to help change things in any way. Rather than lament, it is best to take proactive steps to mitigate a situation. Click chose to hire the Austin, TX firm Status Labs to address the situation from a public relations and image management perspective. This might prove to be an extremely wise step.

Status Labs works at fixing public relations woes and other public media mishaps. Generally, the work handled by Status Labs is internet-oriented. Good reason exists for this.

Once something less-than-flattering appears on the internet, the material could have a haunting effect on a person’s life. The content remains online for years and years creating an impression of a person that might not even be close to accurate. As unfair as this sounds, that is just the way things go.

Status Labs and president Darius Fisher has helped an impressive array of clients who have had to deal with the fallout of one or more bad days. These clients are found all throughout the globe. The company’s massive growth in only a four-year period shows the firm has been able to help various clients deal with all sorts of complicated situations.